Doomslayers: Into the Labyrinth

WW 6064 $18.00 Jul-98
Written by Bruce Baugh, Geoff Grabowski and Fred Yelk


Doomslayers contains everything the complete Spectre-hunter needs: details on the interior of the Labyrinth, inside information on the factions of the Oblivion War and tips on stalking Malfeans. There's also advice for hunting and destroying Spectres on their home turf. But don't think that they're easy prey. After all, that's what they think you are.

(July '98)
" Well, it's got a writing team. This one's going to be a tripleheader. Part one will be a book on building Doomslayer characters, what they're after, and how they survive for more than ten minutes on the job. Remember, the enemy has them outnumbered, outgunned, and surrounded - and they're all operating on the Hive Mind's frequency.

Be very, very afraid.

This bit is going to be authored by Andrew "Maxwell Carpenter" Bates, whom you might know better as the developer of Aeon. Andrew's played a Spectre in my Wraith game, and he's superb at it. Actually, I think the other characters like his Spectre better than they like his Masquer.

Part two, as written by our very own Bruce Baugh, is Fodor's Guide to the Labyrinth. You know, all the best hotels, tourist traps, religious facilities, sites you don't want to stuff like that. A must for anyone vacationing in the Labyrinth.

Part three, as done by the immortal Geoff Grabowski, will be more on Spectres. This will include a behind-the-scenes look at the Oblivion War.

Yep, we're pulling out all of the stops on this one. Hehehehehe....." --Rich Dansky (Wraith Developer)

Doomslayers will have, among other things...

--from a usenet post by Rich Dansky, (Wraith Developer)