WW 6060 $15.00 Nov-94
Written by various authors
Cover Art: George Pratt


[$15.00] [Nov-94]

"Shrouded from Mortal EyesThe Dance of Death Goes On!" Since the world began, certain places have been claimed by death, whispered by the Quick to be sites of terrors unimaginable. It is said that in these places the Shroud between the worlds of the Quick and the Dead grow thin, allowing ghostly forms to manifest as they will. From Portugal to Providence, the Restless have laid claim to those areas stained with the pain of death. For in those forlorn spots, they are able to touchif only for a n instant the world of the Living, once thought lost to them. The Quick hide in terror from the sights glimpsed within these Haunts, knowing that in those places, the powers of Death reign supreme. Haunts is a sourcebook for Wraith: the Oblivion detailing the strongholds of the Restless. Eleven Haunts throughout the Shadowlands, including Hierarchy, Heretic and Rene gade Haunts; Three new Heretic cults; and rules for how to create Haunts for your own chronicle!