Wraith: The Oblivion, 1st Edition

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[$25.00] [6/15-Aug-94]

The Storytelling game of Death and Damnation. Cover by Henry Higgenbotham. A complete RPG of death and damnation for use with the Storyteller series. Play a frail spirit with powerful knowledge of the arcane secrets of the dead. Your Shadow, the intelligent personification of your darkness, taunts, torments, teases and threatens you. Can you rise up out of death into the reward that was originally promised you? Includes 14 Arcanos enabling you to tell the most gripping ghost stories you'll ever know, and a sample Chronicle based in the Necropolis, in the city of Atlanta.

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

Wraith: the Oblivion, The Storytelling Game of Death and Damnation - "Oh my God, I'm dead, and it's just like living!"
This installment is scheduled for release August, 1994. We are now less than a month from the release date.

Wraith is about death, and how people deal with it. It is about darkness, and finally, Oblivion. As if being dead were not enough, the Wraiths live practically next door to "the Wyrm's worst nightmares." In addition, there is a Shadow which makes life more difficult for the Wraiths via taunts, teasing, and torture. "The Shadow is the evil which lurks in the hearts and minds of all Wraiths." Not an official statement, but I was told it is close to the truth. Wraiths have lost their way and can't get back. They are bound by their hopes, loves, fears, hatreds, memories, and their pasts.

Wraiths have the opportunity to learn Arcanos, which enable them to travel, use ghostly telekinesis, or even materialize in the living world. Each Arcanos is related to a guild which developed it.

They live in Haunts, which are sort of like Sanctums, I guess. They are creepy places where death is more obvious, or at least more insinuative. Haunted places where dark things happened.

The Underworld of Wraith is a very dark world, with powerful wraiths capturing and enslaving younger wraiths. Souls are the currency of the Underworld, and are a very real power. Political repression is common, and some of these powerful beings collect wraiths who are knowledgeable in technology to reinforce the reality of a Realm.

Wraiths wish to become complete, to transcend their limitations. This goes beyond the ghostly needs which are laid out in the old ghost stories. In the insert, it says "Wraith is about more than just death; it's about the evolution of the soul."