Mage: The Ascension, 2nd Edition

WW 4300 $29.95 Nov-95
Written by Phil Brucato, Brian Campbell, Chris Hind, Kevin A. Murphy, Nicky Rea, John R. Robey, Kathleen Ryan, Teeuwynn Woodruff and Allen Varney
Design by Stewart and Stephan Wieck, Phil Brucato and Andrew Greenberg


[$25.00] [Nov-95]

Yours is the power of reality! This third game in the Storyteller Series delves into a world of mystery and awesome coflict, where modern wizards wage a battle for reality itself. Agaist the shadowy Gothic-Punk backdrop, mages with vision,purpose and mystic power strive to force back the hand of darkness and the rigid will of the Technocracy. Sinister Nephandi, wild Marauders, implacable Technomancers and the enigmatic Umbrod oppose your every step, but the ultimate enemy in this War for worldwide Ascension is within. Do you control your power or does it control you?

This second edition clarifies and expands on Mage's rich setting, offering history, cosmology and new and revised rules. A full-color prelude and all-new illustrations round out this hardcover version of what has been called by DRAGON Magazine, "arguably the best fantasy roleplaying game of the decade." GAMA award winner for Best RPG of 1996. Hardcover.