Technocracy: Progenitors

WW 4201 $10.00
Written by Judith McLaughlin, M.S. Human Genetics
Cover Art: Kevin Murphy

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

This book details, via the initiation of a single student into their mysteries and history, one of the most frightening of the Conventions. These are the Body Snatchers come to life, the people designing biological weapons. They are much of what is feared about the science of biological engineering.

Three different methodologies are detailed, each with a specialty; the Progenitors' view on the Sphere of Life is given, and it is not precisely the same as the Tradition Mages. Their relations to the other Conventions is laid out sketchily. NPC archetypes and a Progenitor Construct are detailed in the back of the book, and some of them are quite warped.