Book of Shadows (Mage Players' Guide)

WW 4050 $18.00 10-Jun-94
Written by Phil Brucato, Jim Moore, Beth Fischi, Harry Heckel and others
Cover Art: Lawrence Snelly


[$18.00] [10-Jun-94] 224 pages

The Mage Players' Guide is here. A Book of Shadows is a journal of the Path, a tome of Revelations for the followers of Magick. Players and Storytellers will uncover lost secrets of the Traditions and their rivals. An invaluable time for mages everywhere. Includes new Traditions, Talismans, abilities, merits and flaws; in-depth truths about the factions of magick and the path of Ascension; and expanded rules for foci, familars, and foci. Very highly reccomended.
Mage helpful hints, new Rotes, the histories of the traditions and the technocracy, plus an entire chapter devoted to explaining, clarifying, and illuminating the Magick system.

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

This is certainly the most helpful supplement for Mage so far. It includes clarifications and explanations regarding the Technocracy, the Nephandi, and the Marauders, as well as the Traditions and the Orphans. It provides several needed explanations (such as a very clearly stated guideline on how Paradox is gained), however the reappearance of Page XX has occurred. Some promised sections were not included (such as new ways to use study points). The addition of two new backgrounds-- Familiars and Sanctums, are, I feel, a Good Thing, although some may disagree. Overall, while it isn't exactly what Sam claimed it was, it is still a useful product.