Guide to the Technocracy

WW 4014 $25.95 Aug-99
Year of the Reckoning


We are the greatest scientific minds of the world. We influence every aspect of human society. We protect Earth from aliens without and deviants within. Through order, science and technology, our Conventions shape the course of the future and catalog the wonders of the cosmos. If you are ready to shape the world and willing to sacrifice yourself for humanity, you can be one of us.

Guide to the Technocracy contains all the information needed to run a Technocracy-based chronicle and characters. Explore the defenses of Technocratic bases, their corridors of political power and their hopes for the future. Discover how they deal with supernatural threats and what wonders they uncover. Learn the Union's beliefs and goals and how it plans to empower all of humanity in the Year of the Reckoning. Hardcover.