Digital Web

WW 4004

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

This has to be the most nearly unique concept for a supplement to a magickal game to date. I mean, the idea has been played to an incredible extent in the c-word genre, but in magick?

The Digital Web was created as the last act of the famous VA, Turing. It's a place where reality isn't quite fully static (some would even say that it isn't even real) and information longs to be free. The Void Engineers and the Virtual Adepts are in a race to define all of the Web, an impossible task. The Technocracy uses it as a means to get to their Chantries and avoid the Umbra, the Sons of Ether use it as a means to create laboratories where they can experiment (think of all the electricity out there!), and the Virtual Adepts use it to manipulate information all over the world.

The stories are definitely of decent quality. The recurse paradox realms was a very nice touch.

There is a section where you can meet such as Kibo himself, Captain Feedback, or even the mysterious Grailekarm Hen.