Book of the Weaver

WW 3209 $19.95 Apr-99
Written by Sue Armstrong, Stephan Herman, Deena McKinney, Sven Skoog
Developed by Ethan Skemp
Cover Art: Steve Stone


Progress, Technology and Permanence She is the mistress of technology, the queen of science. Her servants skitter across the Pattern Web of the entire world, fortifying the walls between spirit and flesh. Hers are the powers of invention and stasis alike; hers is the force of conformity and order. And she is utterly, completely and irrevocably out of her mind.

Spinning Out of Control! Inside are the secrets of the most powerful member of the Triat, one of the greatest forces the Garou acknowledge. Learn her secrets, be they the benevolent gifts taken by the Glass Walkers or the cold, soulless law imposed on the hearts of cities. Find out what she spins in her madness, or uncover the story behind her unwitting pawns such as Developmental Neogenetics Amalgamated. Even go over to her side and embrace the changes she works on you - if you dare.