Monkeywrench! Pentex

WW 3203 27-May-94


[$18.00/$10.00] [27-May-94]

Some Garous aren't content to just slash up a few Wyrm creatures, these guys want to use their high-tech skillss to hit Pentex- right were it hurts. This books is a Monkeywrencher's guide to Pentex: ruining the megacorp's plans, destroying its construction stes, hacking into its computers- everythign a Garou needs to put the Wyrm's corporate arm out of business. M:P is a cornucopia of Storyteller material for use in any Werewolf game.
A werewolf sourcebook on Monkeywrenching - will include a map of Black Dog Game Factory and a profile of the new Board members after the Garou raid on the Pentex Board of Directors meeting last year.

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

This is a collection of handouts for the Storyteller to use in her Chronicle, and it includes new information on Pentex and subsidiaries. The first section outlines the three new boardmembers who have taken seats since the deaths of three members in late summer of '93. Tim Toner makes an appearance, although he did not (fortunately for him) get a seat.

The map of Black Dog is rather odd, but it really has to be seen. It is truly a place of corruption.