Werewolf Player's Guide, 1st Edition

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Written by various authors
Cover Art: Matt Wagner


A book teeming with new information on Garou, including details about pack structure, moots and the mysteries of each tribe. Other shapeshifters are introduced, from allied wereravens to hostile werecats. Includes new Gifts, rites, fetishes, talens and totems, character Traits such as Merits and Flaws and essays on storytelling in the game of savage horror.

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

A worthy supplement, this has so much information to add, some of which (Like the Tribe outlooks) should have been in the first book, but the various Were creatures and the like that have been added make it quite a nice addition. Also provided are various types of Caerns, new Gifts, Rites, Fetishes and the combat system from Vampire, 2nd Edition.