Book of the Wyrm, 1st Edition

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Written by various authors
Cover Art: Tony Harris


A gigantic 150+ page monster, filled with foulness, straight from the nastiest minds in the industry. Everything from Banes to Fomori to Black Spiral Dancers is in it, including the secret wyrm-realm of Malfeas, and all kinds of nasty demonlings. Oh, and did I mention the chapter on Pentex?

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

Do you want some truly evil nasties? This is a very nice book, especially the sections on Pentex and Malfeas. After getting this, I sent a pack of Fomori after a Gangrel in my Chronicle who prides herself on being a combat monster - she still doesn't know what came after her, but she is a bit more wary around street gangs.