Rage Across the Heavens

WW 3110 $19.95 Aug-99
Year of the Reckoning


The orb of the Wyrm opens in the heavens, and madness shall rule the skies. So read the prophecies - and they are true. The red star has become visible and the blasphemous consummation has come to pass. The Reckoning is upon the Garou Nation and nothing shall be the same.

To the Garou, the Year of the Reckoning is a time of dire omens coming true. Rage Across the Heavens is a book about Garou prophecies and celestial influences, detailing the greater forces at work in the Umbral skies, and providing many heavenly Gifts. What's more, it presents a complete story embroiling the players directly in events of the Year of the Reckoning. Don't miss it!