Rage Across the Amazon

WW 3104

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

This provides information on the war in the Amazon, and what the Garou are trying to do about it. The corruptive influence of the Wyrm is described, specifically the Pentex operations in the area. The Balam and Mokole in the region are also detailed to a certain extent.

(Thom Denholm's comments)
Information on Rage Across the Amazon. Haven't read the storyline (my ST asked me not to) but the resources section brings the Werewolf product up to specs with the Vampire Players Guide 2nd ed. Many weapons and rules for weapons (guns, explosives, chemicals, poisons). Another nifty section is some Garou "Artifacts" that are quite powerful. (It's always fun reading about the +5 Holy Avengers, even if you can't use them).