Under a Blood Red Moon

WW 3102

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

Truly a mini-Chronicle of frightening proportions, especially if you are a vampire in Chicago. It's all out war! Everyone is in on the fight, and no-one knows who is causing it.

Review by Aaron Miaullis (14 Jun 93)

UNDER A BLOOD RED MOON (The War of Chicago for Werewolf: The Apocalypse & Vampire: The Masquerade) created by Steve C. Brown and others at White Wolf

This is a review of the above WtA/VtM crossover book. It will be brief (I hope) and will not divulge any major information (I don't want Ragabash to be on the street with a sign "Will Design Games for Food").

The VERY short synopsis:

Under a Blood Red Moon is an excellent book for anyone playing in the Storyteller system. There is a Lupine/Camarilla/Sabbat/Black Spiral Dancer/Methuselah war over a period of seven days in Chicago. The dead number quite a few and will justify a second edition Chicago by Night. If you are running WtA, this book is written for you. If you are running VtM in Chicago and want the players either trimmed down or running scared, this book is for you too. If you are in a nasty mood and want to run Sabbat, well....it works, sortof. Mummies and Hunters could also be done (it would be one scary time for a Hunters campain). You would need the Chicago by Night first edition and maybe the Succubus Club to run this adventure. The seven day adventure could last as long as 15+ game sessions (each scene would almost be an adventure in itself.).

That's the short list. If you want a more detailed version, read on in a couple of lines.

The short synopsis:

Needed materials for play:

Possibly wanted for play:

Plot synopsis:

The Sabbat and Black Spiral Dancers are at it again!! Due to their plans, dominated werewolves attack the Succubus club. A Methuselah thinks another Methuselah was behind the attack and gets Prince Lodin to call the Blood Hunt on all Lupines. While this goes on, the Sabbat and BSD take a caern in downtown Chicago (yes, there is nature in the city). A gathering of 100-150 Lupines is organized outside of Chicago for a counter-strike. Some 50+ Lupines attack the city, the others attack a Wyrmhole nearby. Gangrel seek neutrality. Sabbat embrace kinfolk. An axe murderer runs through the University of Chicago. The werewolves that went to the Wyrmhole are not seen again (well....read it). There is an Abomination (a Lupine Vampire) that tries to help out the characters (either Lupine or Vampire). The Succubus club gets attacked, twice. A Methuselah is woken up in the basement. A Tremere chantry is burned. The caern is retaken. Prince Lodin is killed. All the while, a Celestine (god) of storms, wind and lightning rages above the city and the Umbra gets REAL strange.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse:

The Garou are on the offensive all the time. Good combat campain with a nice margin of Burbon street thrown in.

Vampire: The Masquerade:

The Camarilla is on the run nearly all the time. Makes for good excitement and role-playing.


These leeches are behind it all (with the BSD). They loose in the end but it is rather close.

My advice:

I'm going to try to get my hands on Chicago by Night and then try convince a friend of mine to run a VtM party through Under a Blood Red Moon as I concurrently run a WtA party through the same book. It could be done with this system and it would be interesting to see how PLAYERS of WtA would react to PLAYERS of VtM. I think this book will be fun. I would give the book a thumb up.