Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes

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Year of the Ally
Written by Deena McKinney
Cover Art: Steve Prescott


The Garou aren't the only ones fighting the terrible war for Gaia. Too often, their mortal kin are forgotten or dismissed. But family bonds are too strong to ignore, and the Kinfolk won't stay out of the fight. Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes offers information for playing the mortal kin of Garou or even those of other Changing Breeds. Will you join your shapeshifter cousins on the battlefield or will you rebel against being a "second-class citizen?" The choice is yours. The next in the Year of the Ally series.


We are your parents, your spouses, your lovers. We are your brothers, sisters, children. We know the secret war you wage and we're willing to make great sacrifices for your sake. Yet we're less than equals in your society - "only mortals," you say. But could you do without us? You need us. We're Kin.

Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes deals with the mortal relatives - human and wolf - of Garou. Learn what it's like to be the poor cousins to werewolves, the family members with the heaviest responsibilities of all. See what inspires loyalty in Kinfolk - and the treatment that turns so many against the Garou.