Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East

WW 3063 $20.00 Jul-98
Year of the Lotus


Hengeyokai examines the shapeshifters of the East, describing their unique culture and secret magics. Learn how the Tengu differ from their Western Corax brethren and how they view the face of the Eastern Umbra. What's more, the secrets of the elusive Kitsune werefoxes are fully revealed here, making this a complete Changeling Breed book as well.

According to a DragonCon seminar:"This is the sourcebook on Eastern Shapeshifters. The first half will cover oriental versions of the other Bete: Hakken (Garou), Lung Wang (Mokole), Hatar (Ananasi), Tengu (Corax) etc. The second half 'is basically Tribebook: Kitsune.'"