Werewolf: The Apocalypse, 1st Edition

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Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

Werewolf, A Storytelling Game of Savage Horror -

"Oh my God, I'm a Monster, and Gaia is dying!"
In Werewolf, you are a Garou, one of the Changing Breed. You are Gaia's immune system, trying to fight off the diabolical and corrupting influence of the Wyrm before it brings creation to a stagnant, corrupt Apocalypse. Many will die in the fight, and even the fight itself seems hopeless, but you must continue to Rage, to fight the Wyrm's minions, or the Apocalypse will be far worse than you can imagine.

The armies of the Wyrm are legion. As if they were not enough, part of the reason for the ascendance of the Wyrm, the cities, spawned by the Weaver and built by humans, are still expanding, the choking pollution spreading outward like pus from an infected wound.

There are many puppets of the Wyrm to fight - the Vampires who are at least partly responsible for the cities. There is Pentex, that unimaginably huge corporation dedicated to raping Gaia until she has nothing left to give.

You do not have as much to fear about the Homids discovering you, though. Your presence is protected by the Veil, which sends them running away in fear, leaves them frozen in panic and causes them to forget they saw you. But the reasons for this is one of the monumental crimes of Garou history - the Impergium. For a time, the Garou limited human population by violence, thus causing humans to group together in cities for strength. In fact, the Impergium caused humans to continue grouping in ever larger numbers, building more and larger cities, allowing the Weaver to gain more strength.

Eventually the Wyrm could not balance the Weaver's constructs and was woven into the pattern web,eventually losing its sanity.

Now the Wyrm is helping the Weaver destroy the Wyld. You are the defenders of the Wyld, the protectors of Gaia. You must do all you can to stop or forestall the Apocalypse, both in the physical world most people believe is the sum of reality, and the Tellurian, the spirit plane also known as the Umbra.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

The basic rules for Werewolf. A lot of information between the covers, and at the very least makes good supplemental material for Vampire. I found the editing errors annoying (see page XX) but that was only a minor complaint at the time, and has been corrected in later printings. But if you have the first printing, remember that Page XX contains all the secrets of the Universe.