Veil of Night

WW 2832 $25.95 Apr-01
Written by Chris Hartford, Ellen Kiley, James Kiley, Michael Lee, Sarah Roark, Lucien Soulban and Adam Tinworth
Art by Mitch Byrd, Mike Chaney, Guy Davis, Richard Kane Furguson, Mike Danza, Brian Leblanc, Rik Martin, Drew Tucker and Conan Vennus

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VEIL OF NIGHT is a 224-page hardcover book covering the Islamic world of 1197 and the vampires who prey upon it. To give you guys a solid idea of what's in the book, here's the "Contents" section from the introduction.

Chapter One: ?Asabiyya traces the history of Islam from its quiet origins in Mecca to the great heights it has achieved. ?Asabiyya, the dynamic energy of a hungry community, characterizes the early Muslim community, based primarily on the Arabic tribal tradition. As it grows, conquers and absorbs, however, Islam falls prey to the stagnation and intrigues of all great empires. This chapter also traces the rise of the Ashirra sect of Cainites, who tap the hope of the new faith but end up being part of the dissipation of its ?asabiyya.

Chapter Two: One Faith for All the World examines Islam and the Ashirra sect and how the two interact. The expectations and realities of Muslim life (and unlife) play out in every act of the faithful.

Chapter Three: Under the Crescent traces the travels of an Ashirra across the breath of the Islamic empire. He sees the diversity and drive that make it a great empire, and the divisions that make it all too fragile. The Cainite situation is all the more dangerous, as our traveler soon discovers. (This chapter also includes write-ups for a plethora of characters.)

Chapter Four: Ways of the Blood examines the clans and Roads of Cainites in the Islamic world. These groupings are not entirely different from those in Christian Europe, but Islam has had its effect on them all. Different clans play different roles, and cultural differences make the Roads a new experience.

Chapter Five: Blessings of the Faithful provides game mechanics and new systems for chronicles in the Islamic world. Guidelines for character creation, new Traits, a new form of blood magic, Muslim weapons and tactics, and expanded coverage of faith are all part of this chapter.

Chapter Six: Damascus by Night provides you with a complete setting in which to play. The "Garden of the World," once the capital of all Islam, is now a great city facing off against the Franj without and a dark corruption within.

Appendix: Arrayed Against the Night covers a variety of other supernatural entities who lurk within Islam. From the monstrous Demons of the East who keep the Ashirra from entering Taugast, to the capricious djinn, this chapter shows that Cainites are not quite alone.