Storyteller's Handbook to the Sabbat

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Written by Steven C. Brown
Cover Art: Ken Meyer, Jr


A Players Guide to the Sabbat introduced this deadly sect. The Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat takes the kid gloves off, revealing the truth about this horrendous organization. From its ghoul families to its inner politics to its demonic ties, everything a Storyteller needs to know about the Sabbat is included within these pages.

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

For hints and suggestions on running Sabbat based Chronicles, this is book is very useful. It describes how to run a Crusade, the Path of Evil Revelations in its sinister, infernal glory, diabolical gifts, and plenty more. It also has NPC archetypes, as per the ST Handbook. One particular addition which is of particular use are the Revenants, or Ghoul Families. A group of families which have made Ghoul-ness a genetic trait.

There are also two new Bloodlines, an offshoot from the Gangrel and one from the Lasombra.

Review by Mithrandir (30 Sep 93)

Remember the Player's Guide to the Sabbat, that awesome book that was produced a few eons ago in February? Well Neonates, tremble in your bootsies!! The ST's Guide is , in it's own view, THE BOOK needed to run real, up to the punch Sabbat Chronicles. Is it good? yes. AS good as the Player's Guide? No. BUt still well worth it. It takes a look at what really goes on behind the scenes, with several sections about the deviousness of Sabbat politics and how to get your players into SO MUCH trouble. For example, the Sabbat uses a Prestation system like the Camarilla does. So you can be Royally Shafted when dealing with that Lasombra friend of yours. The section on how to set about Crusades, the non-violent game and so forth are useful. Not exactly brilliant, but useful nonetheless. Then comes the Ghoul Families. There's one sdmall niggle in that department. How long do Revenants live? It doesn't say, but you can pretty much figure it out for yourself (about 4 centuries, I reckon). The shit hot section is really the Path of Evil Rev's stuff like Dark Thaumaturgy and Demonic Investements and so forth. They are good. Damn good. A bit hackneyed, but oh so evilly useful against those players.

In sum, I liked this book reasonably well. Not as ground-breaking as it's companion book, but then again, how could you seriously hope to do another Player's Guide.