A World of Darkness, 1st Edition

WW 2220

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

Except for missing a couple pages in the Haiti section, and probably a couple in the Hong Kong and Gaki sections, it is quite useful. The Europe section will be quite usable with Rage Across Russia, I hope. Several NPCs from around the world are detailed. There are several locations locales described- from Hong Kong, moving west all the way to the Vampire Club in San Francisco.


Has the stats for many famous vampires, mainly in Europe : Baba Yaga (mother of Russia, Nosferatu 4th), Cret (Leader of the Inconnu, Ventrue 4th), Mithras (prince of London, Ventreu 4th), Guillaume (prince of Geneva, Brujah 5th, in Golconda), François Villon (prince of Paris, Toreador 5th), Louhi (Malkavian 5th), John Dee (London chantry leader, Tremere 5th), Don Caravelli (head of the Mafia, Brujah 6th), Brunhilde (leader of the Valkyrie, Gangrel 6th), Aleister Crowley (Malkavian 6th), Black Annis (Nosferatu 6th).