New Orleans by Night

WW 2209

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

The story of a city established by a Prince with an impossible dream. At least as long as there are other Kindred around it's impossible. This book is considered to be the worst of the 'by Night' sourcebooks, but I'm not so certain it's entirely useless. If used as a base starting point, it has potential.

But, I would have preferred a Toreador or Malkavian Prince.

Review by Dylan (15 Apr 94)

We here in the boonies (KY) just got in NObN today. So far, it's been an interesting read, but there are a few problems: Number One (not Riker), there are not enough NPCs. The city sees a lot of tourist traffic, especially at certain times of the year, and at the very least Mardi Gras "regulars" should have been given. Two, the average generation on the NPCs is at or worse than the average PC level (at least around these parts) and there are enough older Kindred out there that would have already knocked these guys off the mountain. Three, the treatment of Voudoun is going to be offensive to certain players, especially those who would *want* to play in a chronicle set in New Orleans. Voudoun is a *religion*, not just a way to do magic, and some of the loas have been made into Kindred - with most of their followers being deceived souls. I should say that I myself don't practice Voudoun, but I know people who do.

Oh well... The first Vampire was the biblical Caine, so perhaps it's fair...


Review by Richard Addy (18 Apr 94)

Well, folks, this is my mini-rant about that new supplemnt, New Orleans by Night. Having cheerfully paid $18 for it (After all, this was the ... by Night I've been waiting months for) I took it home to give it a good read.

It's not worth it.

It's not as if it's bad or anything, it's just very, very typical. A ventrue Prince? Please - do they control every city in the Camarilla? If any city was going to be ruled by the Toreador or Tremere (or even the Setites), New Orleans would be it. None of the NPC's really stood out - all of them were pretty typical of their clans.

Except for the Tremere. I'm sorry, but the Tremere don't have a major prescence in the city because they tend to lose folks there? I don't believe it. New Oleans is, by story and myth, one of the most magical cities in North America. So what if there are a bunch of mages be-bopping about? At the very least, the NO chantry would major, and I'm very surprised the Pontifex or Lord or whoever controls the chantries in a state or two doesn't make his home nearby. Misfits? I don't think so.

And I know the concept of "the altered perceptions of the Malkavians give them great insights into reality" is popular, but I still don't see how Uriah knows more about what's going on than anyone else in the city. He lives in a shack in the bayou - how can he tell what's going on? His obfuscate is pretty pitiful, and I don't think his Auspex was any great thing, either. Either I missed reading his information source or its description is in some odd part of the book.

At least Sammy Haight is only a background character in the adventure. The adventure didn't cause the instant revulsion that the one in Chantries did, so I guess it's not that bad.

The geography sections of the book were well done (I especially liked the description of the graveyards), but they just weren't enough to bring the rest of the book up. There was very little magic or ambiance or style to most of the book - the NPC's could very easily be placed in any city of the Camarilla. This certainly isn't the quintessential city of darkness that I was expecting.

Richard Addy