Clanbook: Assamite

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Written by Graeme Davis
Cover Art: Timothy Bradstreet


[$10.00] [Feb-95] (Mature Readers)

This eighth clanbook is the first to deal with the mysterious independent clans. It greatly expands on the limited information presented in the Vampire Player's Guide, and includes a history of the clan, from the first city to the present day; the clan's treasures, beliefs, and internal culture; and sample characters suitable for players and Storytellers. It also features new skills, Quietus powers, and advanced combat rules; a new four-page character sheet designed specifically for this clan; and the answers to several mysteries presented in earlier books, with special tie-ins to Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand.

Review by Shiva (8 Mar 95)

Just got the book today, finished reading it ohhhh about 30 seconds ago and here are my thoughts on it.

The History of the clan is IMHO one of the richest of any of the books. And the lil bit about the Assamites being founded by a dude who offed 2 SECOND GENERATIONS not covered in the Book of Nod nor even spoken about. Leads one to wonder just how many seconds there were. The Assamites say 5. It gives the Knights Templer as agents of the Tremere. It also gives the origonal path of blood <the one before the antribu changed it to enclude sabbat stuff> which *I* think should be used with Assamites instead of humanity. covers some pretty nasty Alchemical weapons, and one that IMHO is just too damn powerfull. called Kali's fang it's a punch dagger that if it hits a vampires heart kills him outright. Even if you miss it does aggravated damage. New levels of Quietus are okish but again they are all Lvl six to eight. Also in the Glossery it states that Haqim was a SECOND generation vamp. This MUST be a missprint. <I hope!> It read well, I finished it in a little less than an hour, and absorbed a large portion of it. They recover the rules for aimed shots from the ACB for those that don't have this book. All in all I found it WELL worth the $8 I paid for it. <I have an "IN" with the local destributor and get everything at 20% off.> No real suprises except for a level six ritual that lets the assamites suspend the curse of the tremere for 1 scene. So all in all it's worth picking up. On a scale of 1 to 10 <Clan Book Gangrel being a 1 and Nosferatu being a 7and a 1/2> I'd give it 5 and 1/4 for some neatness.