Clanbook: Ventrue

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Written by Andrew Greenberg
Cover Art: Timothy Bradstreet


[$10.00] [16-Jul-94]

The last of the highly successful Camarilla Clanbooks has been reserved for the Ventrue, the most powerful and influential of all vampires. But not everything is coming up roses for this august and distinguished clan. Indeed it looks to the past and sees only destruction. It looks to the present and sees threats everywhere. And for the future...

Review by Christopher Kobar (26 Oct 94)

Pretty good, actually. What was lacking were any new rituals, high-level disciplines, important truths (beyond those of historical importance), or really unexpected twists.

In general, the entire book was in the form of instructive letters mostly dwelling on the clan's history and structure. It did cover its usual practices, etc., but seemed a bit unsurpirsing in the end. No really neat revelations.

The Ventrue do seem to fear more than the Antedeluvians though, believing that those ancient vampires are only one part of a group of powerful beings they call the Secret Masters. Mages, Wraiths, spirits, gods??? They don't really know, but they fear them.

The Ventrue also come off as less overtly manipulative as previously presumed. They like to control those "easiest" to control, not wanting entanglements that might ruin their plans. It is even mentioned that many Ventrue prefer to control only parts of companies or organizations, not overextending themselves. For this reason they often control part of a firm while unbeknownst to both parties the entire firm is controlled by mages, the Technocracy, Giovanni or other supernaturals. This is a very safe explanation for why these various beings with some very similar spheres of influence do not come into conflict more often. Sounds workable, but does not really get to the heart of the matter.

Well, I don't recall the rest at the moment, but I'm gonna sit back and wait for Elysium to be released, so my elders can really come to life!!

Aurelius, Momentarily Satisfied

(Does that mean I get a point of Willpower back?)