Clanbook: Toreador

WW 2056 $12.00
Written by Steven C. Brown
Cover Art: Timothy Bradstreet

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

Interesting contrast to the previous Clanbook, the Clan of Beautiful People Book details the Artists of the Undead world, and how their own passions drive them to whatever heights and depths they reach for. The conflicts and interrelations of the Artistes and the Poseurs are detailed quite nicely. The Toreador are more influential than many might think . . .

Review by Heather Pritchett (1 Mar 94)

Well, I was lucky enough to be able to pick up the Toreador Clanbook at the Night Owl: Beauty and the Beast MET Event this past weekend.

[Side Note: If this game comes ANYWHERE near you, I highly recommend going to it, it was a BLAST! Incredible! Wow! The weekend was too short!]

Anyway.. back to the review.

(Major spoilers to follow)


Stuff I liked--->

All the additional background info they give on Toreador parties: why they're *really* held, what happens to crashers, etc. There's a pretty graphic picture on page 23 of a party crasher. *OUCH*

[Another Side Note: This is not a book to leave lying around your parent's house. Some of the pictures are pretty...ummm...dark. Lots of bondage. There seems to be a poster of sorts divided up over several pages. I may have to hit Kinko's and assemble it so I can get a true understanding of the art of bungee. wow.]

There are a couple of interesting myths about Arikel. I really liked the one about the great love affair between Arikel and Nosferatu.

There are nice descriptions of poseurs and artistes. In fact, poseurs are presented as not being complete fakes, but just not possessing the "true vision" of an artiste. I also liked the new faction: the burnout. These are toreadors who have surrendered to "self-doubt, insanity, the Beast, depression or worse". From the description, it sounds like they have 'Ventruified'.

The new skill: Creativity and how it is combined with whatever Expression. It separates the idea and implementation parts of creating art.

New Disciplines: Level 6 Presence: Air of Elation. Basically, it makes the user incredibly funny. Instant Robin Willians.

Merits and Flaws: Blase' (3pt merit) Makes the individual resiliant to presence.. COOL!!!! Iron-willed for presence!! I *LIKE* it!!!! There's also a Greater Colors merit (3pt) that lets you see more colors. At first this seems silly until you apply it to Aura Perception and then the Vampire can get extra information just because he or she can *see* so much more....nifty...

Templates: Comic Book Celebrity <---- hahahahahahahahahah It's that Rob-what's-his-name who did the jeans commercial and used to work for Marvel...

I liked the fact that the Plastic Surgeon is trying to learn Vicissitude.


Stuff I didn't like--->

New Disciplines: While all the disciples were interesting, they were all for level 6 or above presence or auspex. I don't know about everyone else, but this effectively puts them out of reach for all the games I'm in. *sigh*. I guess I'll have to downgrade them and make them lower level for my games.

Blood cults. sheesh. This just reminds me too much of the Haitian Seddite Erzuli in the World of Darkness book.

There's some stuff on the Toreador's ability to fall in love and how this is their saving grace.. *gack*.. Insulin!!


Stuff that will cause huge debate--->

Ok, I'm reading the "Toreador of Note" appendix, and one of them is "Geneveve Orseau".. hmmm.. 800 year old Poseur. Controls large art school. Nice picture... WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

"Orseau is believed to be one of the few faerie changlings

to survive vampiric Embrace."

That's right folks, we have the first CHANGLING-VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Overall, I like the clanbook and think it is well worth $10. If you're into playing Toreadors or have a lot of Toreador NPCs in your game, this sourcebook is VERY useful. I give it 3 1/2 blood points> * * * 1/2