Player's Guide to the Sabbat

WW 2055 $15.00
Written by Steven C. Brown
Cover Art: Jeff Starling


[$15.00] 160 pages

Vampire: The Masquerade takes an excursion into the dark waters of the Sabbat, where the Beast is welcomed, freedom is tantamount, and humanity a thing of the past.

Whether you want to play a member of the Sabbat or simply wish to add the Sabbat (and their para-military group, the Black Hand) to your Chronicle, you'll want to get this book. It's quite horrifically illustrated (that is, the art is like EC comics meets inkwash) by Ken Myers, who has revealed the quite potent imagery of Vampires who make no bones about their being Damned.

Included in this volume are full explanations of the Sabbat disciplines Dementation, Viccissitude and Obtenabration, a huge number of new Thaumaturgy rituals, and a new Thaumaturgy path, the Gift of Morpheus (sleep, sleep, and dream!).

Sabbat don't have Humanity, they have a rating in something called the Paths of Enlightenment which keeps them from frenzying. Learn about their everyday lives, their philosophies, their moralities, how they are organized, all about the antitribu (or Anti-Clans) , the Lasombra, the Tzimisces, and why a group of ravening monsters manages to maintain something of the Masquerade even if they don't believe in it.

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

If you want to show the weak Camarilla what evil really means, this book is for you. I feel it is one of the better products to see the (ahem) light of day. It describes three new Disciplines, more Thaumaturgical Paths, new Merits and Flaws, and two new Clans who happen to be the power behind the Sabbat. Also describes the Antitribu, Kindred who have turned against their former Clans to become a part of the Sabbat, or descendants of these sorts.