Vampire: The Masquerade, 1st Edition

WW 2000

Review by Deird'Re Brooks in the FAQ

Vampire, A Storytelling Game of Personal Horror - "Oh my God I'm a Monster!"
In Vampire, you are a bloodsucking creature of the night. You are forced to `live' with the fact that to survive you must drink the blood of others. You must not give in to the Beast which lives within you, for if you do, your soul is that much closer to insanity and bestiality. But to avoid giving in fully, you must give in a little at a time. Such is the Riddle of Kindred unlife: "A Beast I am, lest a Beast I become."

You cannot tell the canaille - the mortals - of your kind, for they would band together and destroy you and yours.

There are other ways, however. You can join the Sabbat, who follow Paths of Enlightenment which allows them to give in to their Beast without losing their minds. Or you can follow the long, treacherous road to Golconda, which balances the Beast with your humanity.

On top of all this, the other Kindred are engaged in an eternal war of intrigue, deception, and sometimes even outright conflict. This is the Jyhad, and nearly all Kindred, except the enigmatic Inconnu, are involved. Some as manipulators, some as pawns. Many are both, unfortunately.

But all this scheming and manipulating will be at an end soon for the Gehenna is near, when the Antediluvian founders of the Clans arise to slake their thirst with the only blood they find nutritious - Kindred Vitae.