The Splendour Falls

WW 11400 Jul-95


[$5.99] [Jul-95]

The fifth, and last World of Darkness anthology to be based on the storytelling games of White Wolf Game Studio, this book is a collection of stories by some of the industries most talented up and coming writers. Based on the newest game in the Storyteller series Changeling: The Dreaming, it contains works by authors Esther Friesner, Ed Gorman, Tom Monteleone, Jody Lyn Nye, Jackie Cassada and others.

Review by Rick Jones (4 Jul 95)

A collection of short stories for Changeling. Some were good, some as good, but all of them had my apetite whetted for Changeling. The world seems to be a lot brighter than the previous WOD games. Changelings do have problems, but they are not as all consuming as Wraiths, as global as Werewolves, as cosmic as Mages, or as gothic as Vampires. Changeling is the game to use to lure unsuspecting folk into the World of Darkness, if they've sneered at it before. (At least, based on the story.)