Breathe Deeply

WW 11300 Jul-95
Written by Don Bassingthwaite


[$5.99] [Jul-95] - Don Bassingthwaite

Breathe Deeply is a paperback novel based on White Wolf's new collectable card game RAGE and is set in the Amazonian rain forests of the World of Darkness. The war continues; Gaia's warriors must face the ever present ever powerful embodiment of the evil Wyrm - the giant corporation Pentex. Thrown into the conflict is Peter Ward, Glass Walker garou from the wintry city of Toronto, Canada. When his tribe is slowly decimated by a mysterious epidemic known only as the "Snow Plague," he must travel to the Amazon in search of a cure. Caught between the devious plot of Pentex, and the mistrust ofthe Amazonian Garou, his only hope is to find a single flower, both the carrier and the cure of the devestating plague. It is a race against time as Pentex, the creators of the plague, hunts for Peter, and his fellow Garou testing his loyalty to Gaia beyond all endurance. The search is on. This novel features a unique RAGE card mail-in offer.

Review by Rick Jones (4 Jul 95)

World of Darkness novels are getting better and better, folks. This is a fine piece of Werewolf fiction. It's about a lone Glass Walker sent on an ungent mission to the Amazon Rainforest, where he's caught up in the war with Pentex. Characters from Rage Across the Amazon appear, and it's a good story. My only nit to pick is that Peter's (the lead) dependance on Fever is incredibly obvious, and the other Garou should have picked up on it sooner. Unfortunately, since it _was_ the McGuffin of the story, it's explanation had to be saved. Anyway, I liked it, and reccomend it to Werewolf fans.