The Trilogy of the Blood Curse, book one: The Devil's Advocate

WW 11081
Written by Gherbod Fleming
Cover Art: William O'Connor


Madness seizes the world's vampires. Relentless hunger gnaws at them, but no matter how many victims they drain, withered vampires litter the shadows.

Not since the Black Death has Owain, Ventrue elder, seen anything like this fatal affliction that ravages the world. But this time vampires are the victims. The anarchs suspect a plot by their elders. The elders blame the Sabbat. The Sabbat fears the return of the antediluvians.

There is opportunity in this chaos. As the Masquerade crumbles around Owain, which power will he serve? Or will he serve himself?

The first book of the Trilogy of the Blood Curse, set in the world of Vampire: The Masquerade. The story crosses over with The Grails Covenant, for Vampire: The Dark Ages.