Dark Kingdoms, book one: The Ebon Mask

WW 11049 $11.99 Nov-98
Written by Richard Lee Byers
Design by Larry S. Friedman
Cover Art: Doug Alexander Gregory


Dark Kingdoms is a true epic of the World of Darkness. The story of a nightmare quest that leads from the haunted alleys and mansions of New Orleans to the dungeons and palaces of Stygia itself. A saga of wraiths, werewolves, mages, vampires, demons, gods and the occult scholars of the Arcanum that will forever alter the face of the World of Darkness.


James Graham, Marquess of Montrose, lived a life of valor and principle-a life that ended in betrayal and defeat. Embittered, the martyred Cavalier walks a different path in the Underworld. Embracing deceit and unbridled ambition as fervently as he once served God and England, he's no one's idea of a hero now. And that's too bad.

Because something truly evil is stirring. And Montrose is the only being with a prayer of stopping it.

Based on Wraith: The Oblivion.