The Grails Covenant, book one: To Sift Through Bitter Ashes

WW 11031
Written by David Niall Wilson
Cover Art: William O'Connor


Obsessed with acquiring the Holy Grail for the Lasombra clan, the vampire Montrovant sets out on a quest that pits him against the Knights Templar, and that takes him through the lair of an ancient Egyptian evil and the deserts of the Holy Land. Dark forces work against him. Allies cannot be trusted. Treachery leads to deceit and back again in a race against time, the Church and the vampire Kli Kodesh, who is even more ancient than Montrovant's sire Claudius.

The first of The Grails Covenant, a trilogy of novels set in the world of Vampire: The Dark Ages that crosses over with a modern-day Vampire story told in the forthcoming Trilogy of the Blood Curse.

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Meet Montrovant, progeny of the ancient Lasombra Lord Euginio.  He has one purpose in life, to seek and retrieve the Holy Grail for the glory of his clan, and, coincidentally, himself.  Pitted against him are forces both ancient and evil, including the Mummy Santos, who has guarded his trove of Holy Treasures for centuries, and Kli Kodesh, a powerful Cainite of questionable heritage who only seeks to make the world more -- interesting.  On Montrovant's side?  Saint Bernard, His own wits, and a new Order of Knights, predecessors to the famed Knights Templar and led by the righteous and powerful Hughes de Payen, who would later bring that Order to fame and  influence all its own.