Horizon War, book one: The Road to Hell

WW 11021
Written by Robert Weinberg
Design by Michelle Prahler
Cover Art: Jason Felix


Boldly go where no mage has gone before. In The Road to Hell the battle for reality itself ignites as mages of all stripes vie for the fabled Horizon Realms, the dimensions juxtaposing Earth andelsewhere. A villain from the mages' past returns to claim his legacy, embroiling Earth's mages in a struggle both for survival and for dominance of all known creation. Based on Mage: The Ascension from White Wolf Game Studio, The Road to Hell is the first part of the Horizon War Trilogy.

About the Author
Robert Weinberg is perhaps the only World Fantasy Award-winning writer ever to serve as the grand marshal of a rodeo parade. He is the author of nine novels, five nonfiction books, and numerous short stories, including Blood War, Unholy Allies, and The Unbeholden. (Page 53.)