A Dozen Black Roses

WW 11018 $21.99
Written by Nancy A. Collins
Design by Michelle Prahler
Cover Art: Timothy Bradstreet
Hardcover is WW 11018 at $21.99
Trade paperback is WW 11019 at $11.99


Sonja Blue, vampire and vampire hunter, takes on the Kindred of the World of Darkness in a hair-raising, hell-raising, balls-to-the-wall, carnage-filled crossover-a treat for World of Darkness aficionados and Collins fans alike. The author promises "sex, violence and violent sex," so sit back, relax and get ready to up the body count.

A Dozen Black Roses is based on Vampire: The Masquerade and characters previously created by Nancy Collins, the author of the immensely popular Midnight Blue: The Sonja Blue Collection. Nancy Collins lives in Pennsylvania (just in case you were wondering).