Tower of Babel

WW 04853 Jun-95
Written by John Steele


[$5.99] [Jun-95] - John Steele

The first novel focusing on the enlightened and power beings known as mages, Tower of Babel is written by John Steele, an author previously published in White Wolf's Mage anthology, Truth Until Paradox.

Review by Rick Jones (4 Jul 95)

An interesting novel, but what the hell was it doing as a World of Darkness novel. Such Pain started out as a piece of straight horror fiction on the Ravenscar mailing list, but it's transformation into the World of Darkness was seemless (though it required a great deal of rewriting). This book (IMHO) started out as a nifty piece of metafiction, which the author managed to sell to WW, and then changed a few pieces here and there, to make it part of the WoD. While it fails as WoD fiction (the places where it tries to link to the Akashic Brotherhood, pocket realms, and the Technocracy), it is an interesting story about an author and how he's linked to his creations. (Actually, now that I think about it, it could have been stuffed into Changeling a little more easily. - I think.)