by Everitt P. Long (2 Aug 94)

Wolvens are a minor bloodline which derives from any clan, when a lupine's kinfolk is sired. This bloodline works best in crossover campaigns, or games that involve a high presence of NPCs of the oposing mythos. If the character comes from a Garou enviroment (pre-embrace), the character may have knowledges which normal vampires would not have. However, if the character did not grow up with the tribe's kinfolk, he may be confronted with mysteries even his sire cannot explain. Also, due to reasons described below, there is a good chance that the character is blood-bound to her sire. The character may be seen only as a tool for exploitation.

Wolvens belong to both clan and tribe, but they are ultimately excluded from both. Unlike Abominations, Wolvens can interact well enough between Garou and Kindred to act as intermediaries. Their unique perspective on the WoD gives them a very privilidged understanding. Beacause of this, they are mistrusted as well as useful. They walk a fine line between being indispensable and the Final Death. They are also a heck of a lot of fun to roleplay, being both physical and social.

Disclaimer: I made this bloodline up long before I read the Kult rules. Therefore, I feel that I am under no obligation to change the name of this bloodline just because they took my name ;)

Also, some people may find the Path of Gaia at the end somewhat lacking. I am not an expert in the field, so this is just sort of my best-guess. If anybody has worked out a Path based upon REAL religious and philosophical beliefs, I would be happy to see it posted or E-mailed to me.

Wolven, minor bloodline

Nicknames: Bloodwolves

Wolven are a minor bloodline, created by the siring of a Lupine's kinfolk. They are not Abominations, since the garou gene(s?) is dormant. However, their genetic make-up is different enough from regular humans to affect the embrace. For reasons which are not entirely clear, only about one in ten embraced kinfolk become Wolvens. There is not enough data to make conclusions about the subject. However, since they have no Gnosis score, they do not risk the death that Lupines face when embraced. Most simply join the clan of their sire.

As a bloodline, they have no structure or organization, simply because they are so rare. Normally they associate with their siring clan (or caitiff). Typically they take a clan name, as well as their bloodline. For example, there are Brujah-Wolvens, Tremere-Wolvens, etc. Since the Sabbat normally tries to simply exterminate the Lupines, there are few if any antitribu-wolvens, and the few who come only from Black Spiral stock. For the most part, they are treated as normal clan members. Indeed, seldom do their sires realise that their childes are different. When Wolvens are discovered, reaction ranges from expulsion from clan society to curiousity and investigation. Lupines generally stay away from Wolvens simply because they are too dangerous. The Wolvens could now be pawns of their leech masters and their knowledge of lupines would make them dangerous opponents. Seldomly do they actually hunt down the wolvens, out of pity and in respect for past service. Showing mercy generally cancels all debts in the eyes of the Garou. The exceptions to this are the Get of Fenris and Red Talons, who will destroy their Wolvens, and the Glasswalkers and Shadowlords, who may try to use the Wolvens. Some Bone Gnawers will make loose alliances with Nosferatu- Wolvens and some Children of Gaia attempt to establish the Wolvens as intermediaries between Garou and Kindred. Camarilla Gangrel generally treat the Wolven with respect, although their Sabbat brethren will hunt them down.

Appearance: varies, as mortals. As a clan member, they tend to dress as their clan does, but follow the stereotypes with less enthusiasm. Many prefer to wear more natural clothing, and generally favour the practical over the fancy. Often they wear discrete pins, indicating their original Garou tribe.

Haven: as per their clan. Since they are tolerated by most lupines and their natural disciplines, they are more likely to live in the countryside or wilderness than regular Kindred.

Background: this also varies, as per clan. This usually occurs when their sire is unaware of their origin. Often they are embraced to be used as a weapon or spy against the Garou (or blood-bonded at the very least. This is bad, for when the Lupines find out, they go to great pains to destroy the Regent. The enslavement of blood is one of the Wyrm's vilest creations in their eyes. They often have a -4 Flaw: Blood-Bonded (-2 for Tremere).) When this is the case, the leeches take whoever they can get.

Character Creation: They can have any type of concept. Physical attributes are often primary, as are Skills. Natures and Demeanors are usually similar. Common backgrounds are Contacts, Allies, and Influence. Wolvens may take Fetishes with Background points. However, since they have no Gnosis, they can only activate it by convincing or forcing a spirit to use its own power. They may also take the Totem background. However, since they have neither Rage nor Gnosis, they may have to convince the Totem spirit to provide the power for its Gift. This should require heavy roleplaying and is ultimately up to the ST whether this is permitable.

Clan Disciplines: Special. All Wolvens start out with Protean. However, their second discipline is determined by their auspice. Ragabash get Obfuscation, Theurges get Spiritus (from the ST Guide to the Sabbat), Philodox get Auspex, Galliards take Presence, and Ahrouns take Celerity. The player chooses her third discipline from the regular clan list. The wolf-form in Protean 4 is the same as for the Wolven's tribe. Wolven who attain the 6th level of Protean automaticly gain the ability to transform into the Hispo or Glabro forms of Garou, and those who reach the 7th may assume Crinos form (complete with stat. adjustments). For wolf-form, use either the stat. adjustments in Clanbook: Gangrel or in W:tA (ST's choice).

Wolvens may be able to entreat spirits to teach them Garou gifts as well (or threaten them with Spiritus or Spirit Thaumaturgy). If the ST allows this, then they may be learned, but at 2x the experience costs for first level gifts, 3x for second, etc. Estimate or keep records of how much Renown the Wolven has gained.

Weakness: Special. All Wolvens possess their clan weakness. In addition, they suffer from at least one of the following additional weaknesses as well:

The ST should decide what weaknesses the Wolven gets. Generally, the more Garou powers and manerisms which the Wolven takes, the more weaknesses he gets.

Preferred Path: Many Wolvens follow the Path of Gaia (see below). Few follow any other Path, although many retain just their basic humanity. The exception to this is Black-Spiral Wolven, who typically follow the Path of Typon, Evil Revelations, or Dead and the Soul.

Gaining Clan Prestige: as per their clan. Garou do take an interest in the affairs of the Wolven, and this may make the Wolven respected or reviled in their eyes, far more so than normal kindred.

Quote: "If the Wyrm and Gehenna is to be stopped, then both the Leeches and Garou must unite. Our first goal is to remove the wyrm-tainted Prince of this city. Of course, I am the best qualified to lead the anarchs to this victory and establish a more just society..."

Stereotypes: (Clan views often override these ones)


Path of Gaia

This path is the practice of the Gaia theory. The Earth is viewed as a macro-organism (a Celestine in Lupine theology) or a god. Humanity is murdering the mother goddess, and through it, itself. The followers of this path attempt to correct the damages done, by changing humanity's habits to a more natural lifestyle. Nature is viewed as the ultimate authority by those on this path, although they tend to idealise Nature. Still, for some, it is harsh and cruel.

Ethics of the Path


This path originated with Lupine theology, and has been modified by current ecological and feminist theory. It smacks too much of the Weaver for most Lupus and Metis lupines, but it is quite popular among the Homid breeds and Kinfolk. Some Gangrel who were slipping over to the Beast have also began to follow this path.

Current Practices

There is little in the way of formal ritual, although some used modified Native American or Wicca rituals to venerate the Earth Mother. Many kinfolk use actual Lupine ceremonies to celebrate Gaia.

Description of Followers

Most tend to be activists and usually have little political or economic power. This theory is not compatible with authoritarian or capitalist models. Many tend to be vocal, but often fail to follow the tenants of the path when it involves themselves.

Hierarchy of Sins

10   Living beyond your natural span
9    Killing for any reason other than survival or mercy
8    Unnatural and uneven division of power, based upon gender.
7    Repressing your natural instincts
6    Excessive materialism or consumption
5    Acts of unnecessary cruelty
4    Failing to fight the Wyrm's minions
3    Failing to prevent the Apocalypse
2    Consorting with the Wyrm
1    Desecrating Gaia

Views about Other Paths

Death and the Soul:
Evil Revelations:
Honorable Accord:
Power and the Inner Voice:

Do's and Don'ts

1    Take no more than you need
2    Fight against the despoiling of the planet
3    Enhance your own spirituality by communing with nature
4    Take no action to harm Gaia
5    Do not usurp your place in Nature
6    Respect your instincts but be responsible for the consequences
7    You are emotional
8    Humanity, Garou, and Kindred all hold a place in Gaia
9    Beware of the Weaver's encroachment
10   Use your intelligence, as well as your instincts