by Brian James Garnhart

Many philosophers have stated that the imagination can be a powerful thing. Your mother may have said at one time that you sometimes live ina world all your own. The Tuillaign justify both claims. First founded during the Rennaissance Era. The clan focuses its talents on the development of the imagination, and the power of the mind, to the poit where one can make their very thoughts manifest in the flesh. The clanwas first born in France, formed from the writers, the poets, and the authors that the Toreador deemed as not "artistic" enough to be Embraced. The Tuillaign knew better. They knew that thought, pure imagination, was more powerful and creative than anything those effete Toreador bastards could come up with.

As time passed, the clan grew. Each Tuillaign Childe was raised with the belief that violence was not the way to solve things. A Tuillaign would rather use words or thoughts to get himself out of trouble than a sword. Unfortunately, this was their downfall. Between this and their Clan weakness, that they were deep sleepers (they spent their sleeping time traversing the dreamworlds), they were ultimately vulnerable.

Their downfall began when the Clan founder was approached by the heads of the Tremere, and asked to contribute their talents to the Tremere quest for power. Together, they promised, Tremere and Tuillaign could rule. But, the Tuillaign founder knew better. He knew that Tremere only cared for themselves, and, as such, refused their requests. Unfortunately, this started a civil war between the Clans which lasted for a loooong time. Eventually, the Crusades began, and with them, came the Inquisition. Directed by human retainers of the Tremere, agents of the inquisition slew the majority of Tuillaign in the entirety of Europe. Between the forces of the Inquisition and the Tremere, the clan was though to have been wiped out.

Or so all thought.

One of the survivors, a french woman named Lisetta Renet, fled to America, and, after incurring some favors from powerful individuals, lay in torpor for many decades.

In 1993, Lisetta awoke from torpor.

she scoured the world for her CLan, finding hem few and far between in Europe, and non-existant in America. She knew she needed to find someone with the spark, the life, the - imagination - to become of her Clan.

She found all this in A.J. Remmick.

Cashing in a BIG favor from Lodin, she received permission to Embrace this young dreamer. She entrusted him to return the Clan to its previous number, and to connect with his brothers and sisters in Europe, wherever they may be found.

The Tuillaign are influenced heavily by the Muse, the creative force which also influence the Clan Kuzikal, as well as the Garou tribe Fianna. They also possess the strange discipline which, when honed, eventually gives the user the ability to make their very thought reality. The discipline is named, appropriately enough, Imaginatii.

Clan Weakness: as stated, the biggest weakness of the Clan is that they are all deep sleepers. This is NOT to be counted as a normal Flaw, but, instead treated as a mandatory CLAN WEAKNESS.

Clan Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Dominate, Imaginatii
(The presence of the Muse allows them the extra discipline - however, they will always start out with an extremely low Dominate - they loathe interfering with the precious thoughts of another's mind - well, the good ones do, anyway.)

Note: Because of the calming, creative nature of the Muse, all Tuillaign are -2 to Frenzy. They still abhor violence, but will fight if they feel it is right.

Quote: "We care not for the Machiavellian machinations of the Camarilla and the Sabbat - we don't crave power, only knowledge, and new uses for the imagination. The imagination is our province, and we claim it proudly."


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