by Andrew Cram

Nickname: Tree Snakes

Description: The Naga are one of the most obscure and small ghoul families in existence. Originally servents of the Minions of Set in Egypt, the family spread with its masters.

Around 1 AD, a scism occured amongst the Setites, the Naga were caught in the middle and virtually exterminated, only a few dozen members survived. These were mainly servants of Ptolemy VII, Set's youngest Childe. He had fought on the losing side of the war and fled to the Americas with his progeny and servants.

Ptolemy settled in the vast Amazonian jungles, where his followers raised a large step pyramid for him. Within 200 years Ptolemy entered Torpor and has not yet awoken. Most of his progeny have either entered Torpor themselves, or been destroyed during the intervening years. The Naga intermarried with a nearby tribe and since that time have been the guardians of Ptolemy. They are aware of the other supernatural inhabitants of the Amazon basin but have little contact with them.

Appearance: The members of this family appear much as native tribesmen, although possible a bit darker in skin tone. Their Serpent eyes only show when they are using Disciplines.

Family Estates: The family is restricted to a single jungle region around the Pyramid of Ptolemy. There are currently about 90 naga alive.

Backgrounds: Tribesmen.

Character creation: Anything appropriate to tribesmen, physical attributes and Talents are primary. Virtually none have any Resources.

Disciplines: Obfuscate, Presence, Serpentis

Weaknesses: All members of the family are blood bound to the sleeping Ptolemy.

Family organization: The oldest serpent (possessor of level 4 Serpentis) is the overlord of all the family. All others must obey his will.

Gaining family recognition: Age provides the only real way to gain family recognition, although mastery of Serpentis does provide respect.

Duties: All members of the family must guard the Pyramid by stopping all outsiders from getting near it.

Quote: No go that way, full of snakes, better to go this way...."


All outsiders: