by Peter Wake (7 Apr 93)

Take with a large pinch of salt. This is supposed to be humor OK.

Clan Hollywood are a small clan that is confined to a few tiny geographical locations. Their largest enclave is an island of insanity in the Anarch freestates. They originally came from a desolate pat of southern England but have since relocated lock-stock and clan holdings.

The clan is not part of the Camarilla and does not follow the masquerade. They are cautious however and do not reveal themselves to mortals unless there is a fast buck to be made. They consider the Camarilla to be restrictive and filled with cowards and whiners. The clan is hostile to the Sabbat and neutral to the anarchs, whom they consider trendy teen-brats.

The clan are a diverse group and rarely ever meet. Despite this they have a strange sort of unconscious desire to gather together. They decline to comment on what might be the reason for this. Occasionally they will help each other and are somewhat similar to the Gangrel loners in this respect.

Humanity: The clan member often have no humanity and can follow 'Sabbat' paths and also create their own paths.

Clan Disciplines: Protean, Potence, Dominate

Clan Weakness: Whenever a member of clan Hollywood feeds it always mixes its blood with that of its victims. The clan members cannot control their blood properly in this respect and it leaks out into those they feed on. Even those mortals who do not die immediately are affected (such as those who die from anaemia a few hours later). For rules purposes any mortal fed upon by a Hollywood has of their blood points replaced with one vampiric blood point. The Hollywooders cannot drain this last blood point either. If the victim lives they are a ghoul. If they die while the blood is still in their system then they will become a vampire. If a mortal has no 'human' blood points left (i.e. only the vampire blood point) then she is dead for the purposes of this rule.

The clan members are usually careful to feed at least three times on any victim to ensure that they are blood bound.

Usually they will try not to drain humans to death. Those they do drain that they do not want to become vampires they dismember. Often their victims enter a temporary torpor and are mistakenly buried alive. As a reslut many of the clan members have no humanity.

Sometimes members of this clan have weaknesses found inother clans too. This seems to happen when they learn new disciplines that are normally associated with that clan. For instance a Hollwooder with Obtenebration might well be invisible in mirrors.

The Path of Lost Loves

The path of lost loves is about dealing with lost humanity and fniding new depths of slef pity to wallow in whenever possible.

Please note that references to sex assume that the vampire is of heterosexual persuasion. This is not meant to discriminate against homosexual Hollywooders.


Objectives of the path:

When you were mortal you were able to love and be loved in return. Now you are a monster and cannot be loved. You must find your lost love and regain their affection. Through this you will become human again, even if you die - it can be the death of a mortal if you have truly earned love.

Anything that stands in the way of this is contembtible, be it mortal hunters, other vampires, lupines or simple 'food' shortage. Nothing can stand in the way of your fate.

You must infilict your suffering on others. That way they can understand your misery a little. But theirs is nothing like yours. The brief lives of mortals allow so little time for pain and misery compared to the eternity you will suffer.

You must show great pride. Your suffering has made you strong and you have faith in your fate. Nothing can humble you. You must show this in how you dress and how you look after yourself. Mirrors are bad, "they just don't reflect enough".

You should try and keep the same retainers for as long as possible. They will come to understand your misery and will serve you better as they understand the path.

You should feed on people tha most resemble your lost love, in sex, in hair colour, whatever. the closer they are the more you should feed on them. If they are close enough then perhaps you should make them into a vampire so you can feed off them all the time.

Mortals are all stupid,the less they resemble your lost love the more stupid they must be. Underestimate them at all times.

Peter Wake