Hibakusha - Onyudu

by Jenny L. Parr

The Onyudu, masters of the Japanese business scene, are at the moment the most powerful Kindred in the financial world, surpassing even the Giovanni in their business empires. Seen until the twentieth century as political meddlers and weaklings by the Hibakusha Kasa who controlled Japan's military, the Onyudu were one of the weakest clans and were often easy pickings for the Ventrue who had some subtle help from the Kasa who were not too keen on sharing Japan with " a group of merchants". Indeed at the beginning of the twentieth century there were only eight Onyudu left in the whole of Asia. One, Sanjuro Kuwabatake, escaped from the Ventrue by leaving for Hong Kong in 1940. Impressed by the financial companies of the British he returned to his kindred to describe to them the future of Japan - a great empire, not in war but in business until no-one could stand against them in power over their people. With the disbandment of the Japanese army the Kasa lost most of their power and the Onyudu stepped in to fill the power vacuum left by WWII.

The Onyudu, though small in number, have a stranglehold over Japanese business that not even the Kasa can take away from them. Their greatest allies, the Zaibatsu Gaki, recruit their ranks from Onyudu run companies such as Takumaru Electronics run by Tanofugi Sakahoko, Yamaru (holdings) run by Askikaga Tararyu, Tori Firearms run by Terau Saitome or Argentum Media Inc. run by Sanjuro Kuwabatake. Surprisingly they have met with very little resistance from the Ventrue in the far east and it is rumoured that they have fled back to the west realising a lost cause and are taking the war to the economic capitols of the world.

Many of the younger Ventrue have not even heard of the Onyudu, let alone of the war between the two clans and this has been one of the strengths of the Onyudu. They make alliances with the younger Ventrue and the Anarchs in the hope of weakening the Elders' position. It seems that they are succeeding...




Nickname: Cyberfangs

Origin: Japan

Appearance: They are exclusively oriental and are always well groomed.

Haven: The Onyudu usually have power in major Japanese companys therefore they are quite rich and have penthouse flats or company hideaways.

Clan Disciplines: Presense, Dominate, Technosis

Weaknesses: The Onyudu are unable to take blood from animals and are unable to have animal ghouls.

Backgrounds: The Onyudu are all businessmen. Their primary traits are Mental or Social attributes and knowledge. At least 3 dots are needed in Computers.


[1] Powersurge: By rolling Wits + Science vs 7 the Onyudu can cause a blackout over a wide area (1s= room, 2s= house, 3s= large building, 4s= city block, 5s = suburb). The onyudu must be able to see the focus of the blackout. There must also be some form of electricity within 10 metres of him.

[2] Compmagic: By rolling Inteligence + Computers vs 7 the Onyudu can control any computer - scrambling it or taking information from it. They still have to get past the security measures. The Onyudu needs to be sitting at the operative computer with his hands on the keyboard.

[3] Cybersenses: For every success on a Perception + Science roll vs 6 the Onyudu can change one of his senses to those of a machine for one turn ie: X-ray vision, diagnostic taste, microscopic vision etc.

[4] Technokinesis: On a successful roll of Wits + Science vs 8 the Onyudu can operate machines by force of will alone if within (success)x 100 metres The Onyudu must spend a turn concentrating. The machine will do anything that is normal to it, ie: a tape recorder will spit out a tape or start blaring out very load music to startle opponants etc.

[5] Telehypnosis: By rolling Manipulation + Science vs 7 then the vampire is able to send hypnotic suggestions through TV screens for 1 mile per success. The suggestions can be resisted with a willpower roll vs the Onyudu's Charisma + Empathy. The suggestion can be no longer than 3 words for each success on the Manipulation + Science roll.

[6] Electrohypnosis: By rolling Manipulation + Science vs 8 the Onyudu is able to send hypnotic suggestions through TVs, telephones and radio for 50 miles per success. It is resisted as Telehypnosis but 5 words can be sent for each success.