Hibakusha - Kuei

by Jenny L. Parr

The Kuei were once the protectors of the jungles of South East Asia, fierce tigermen who (though few in numbers) fought strongly by the side of the Khan weretigers to protect the sacred temples hidden deep in the forests. But the Kuei were not satisfied with their duties. They saw how the Ju, Kasa, Mora, and the Onyudu commanded the Kine, took whatever they wished and were never told by the other clans thatt they were not doing their duty. So in 1956 the seven Kuei of the great South Eastern jungles decided to increase the status of their clan. Their first action was to declare war on all Western vampires (and any Eastern vampires that got in their way of killing westerners.) They even went as far as suggesting that the battle be taken to their enemies in America and Europe but this idea was discarded for a while when it was pointed out that the Kindred would be at a distinct advantage on home territory.

The Kuei also made another big change in their lifestyle that they thought would increase their standing - they moved to the great cities of China, noting how all the other clans lived among the peoples. They left the depleated ranks of the Khan to protect the jungle they loved and started to offer their services as bodyguards and enforcers to other clans. Unfortunately the only clan that decided to make use of their talents was the Ju. After agreeing to work for the Ju, the Kuei decided to increase their numbers dramatically. They recruited whole street gangs (often in Hong Kong under the Camarilla's nose) as retainers or "tiger cults" and often embraced five or more at a time, much to the annoyance of the Ju who started to see them as a threat to their little empire. In order to rid themselves of the Kuei, the Ju developed a strain of rabies that affected Kindred and Kine alike. It heightened strength and reduced pain but at the cost of lowering perception, inteligence and causing death within 2 weeks of infection. This was given to as many Kuei as possible as a "magic elixir to help in combat" who were then sent off to Vietnam to battle the Kindred who had come with the American troops. Approximately half the Kuei were killed along with the majority of the western vampires. Rumours abounded in the jungle of Pazuzu tigermen who attacked even the trees swaying in the wind.

When the Kuei discovered this attempt at genocide they turned on their former employers and slew them. However there have been sightings of four Ju survivors and the Kuei would do anything to wipe these last of the Ju from the face of the Earth.




Nickname: Tigermen

Origins: China and Korea

Appearance: All of Clan Kuei are of Chinese or Korean origin and as a result of being members of the elusive tiger cult they have long manes of black hair.

Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Potance, Hu Do.

Haven: The Kuei are a closely knit brotherhood, often having been in the same street gangs and then cults as when alive.They usually stay in cult 'safe houses' or with the gangs.

Weaknesses: As the Kuei bcome more adept in the art of Tigris they become more like tigers : at level 1 they gain permanent claws, at level 2 they develop catlike eyes, at level 3 they develop slightly pointed ears, at level 4 they gain tiger striped hair, at level 5 their fangs cease to retract and at level 6 they gain a light covering of fur.

Backgrounds: Most members were street runners before the embrace so physical attributes and talents are primary. At least three dots are needed in streetwise.

Hu Do

[1] Claws of the tiger: The nails of the Kuei become feline claws doing aggravated damage. This is automatic and the nails are permanently razor sharp.

[2] Eyes of the tiger: The Kuei can see through illusions and obfuscations up to level three, he can also see perfectly in the dark but bright lights are uncomfortable.

[3] Ears of the tiger: The Kuei can understand the speech of all cats and can talk to his feline cousins.The Kuei cannot order the cats but can bargain with them.

[4] Form of the tiger: The Kuei can transform into a great Bengal tiger. This will increase the Kuei's strength by 1, stamina by 2, dexterity by 3 and perception by 1.

[5] Leader of tigers: The kuei is able to command any cats within hearing distance on an inteligence + animal ken roll (difficulty 7). The cats will do favours for the Kuei with the number of successes determining the loyalty of the cat. At least three successes are needed to fight for the Kuei.

[6] Lord of the tigers: The Kuei is able to transform himself into a sabre toothed tiger. This increases her strength by 3, stamina by 3, dexterity by 3, and perception by 2.