Hibakusha - Kasa

by Jenny L. Parr (24 Nov 93)

Clan Kasa, the most militaristic branch of the Hibakusha, are also the clan in the most decline. For centuries they were the greatest force in Japan and Eastern Asia - the Gaki, the Onyudu, the Kyuketsuki and the Bushi could not stand against them in any way. Even if they had united (a very unlikely proposal) the Kasa would have destroyed them all without hesitation. Their stranglehold over the Emperor, the Samurai, the Shogun and eventually the Japanese army gave them total control over the Japanese population when, in their desire to purge the Brujah from the U.S.A., they decided to enter the war on the side of the Germans. Their defeat in WWII came as an almost complete shock to them. They had believed themselves to be totally invulnerable for far too long. The subsequent disbanding of the army came as a harsh blow as the Onyudu rose up to take advantage of the power vacuum to create a new Japan. The Kasa still have not recovered from the great fall and many, in dishonour, committed Jisatsu by decapitation. As a result their numbers have fallen rapidly.

This clan is the antithesis of everything the Brujah believe in. The Blood Bond to the clan leader is seen as an insult to the freedom and anarchy enjoyed by the Brujah while their steadfast loyalty to each other is seen by the Brujah as possible evidence of a second, more subtle Blood Bond to ensure that the younger generations do not rise up against the Elders. However the contempt is mutual. The Kasa see the Brujah as little more than a group of bandits using their powers they received as Kindred to terrorise those weaker than themselves. They see the Brujah as having no honour. They also see the Brujah's tendency to frenzy as being an indication that they are closer to the beasts than other Kindred and should be treated as such. The Brujah and the Kasa have been at war for nearly twelve centuries and shall be for many more.

Founder: 5th Generation Hibakusha Yayoi




Nickname: Samuri

Origins: Japan

Appearance: All members of the Kasa clan are of Japanese origin and so are oriental. They often shave the sides of their heads and have their family mon tatooed there while the top and back hair is very long.

Haven: When Kasa first visit a region they set up a safe house where any member is welcome to stay.

Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Potance, Bushido.

Weaknesses: All Kasa are Blood Bound to their leader, Shogun Takeda Shingen, They are honour bound to go to each other's aid (concience roll if she doesn't go).

Backgrounds: The Kasa are usually of soldier or investigator concept with physical attributes and skills primary. They all have at least three dots in etiquette.


[1] Tachi-ai: The Kasa gains an initiative of 10 for a battle by spending a blood point.

[2] Way of Water: By rolling Stamina vs 6 the Kasa can cancel out wound penaltys of (success) levels for (wits) rounds.

[3] Way of Fire: By spending one blood point and one willpower point the Kasa can cause a melee weapon to glow with an inner light and do aggravated damage.

[4] Way of Earth: By spending a turn concentrating and rolling charisma + intimidation vs opponant's willpower the Kasa can halve the speed of a foe for that scene.

[5] Way of the Body: The Kasa is able to cause agonising pain in an opponant from a distance by spending a blood point and rolling dexterity + medicine vs strength +3 each success resulting in the loss of one dice from all dice pools.

[6] Way of Air: By spending a willpower point the Kasa may fly at 30mph for 1 hour. Manouvering requires a dexterity + occult roll.

[7] Way of the Spirit: By rolling willpower vs willpower the Kasa can remove one point from her opponant's physical attributes for each success (contact is needed).

[8] Way of Chaos: By rolling wits + subterfuge vs willpower and by touching the victim the Kasa can steal the disciplines of others and use them for every succeeding turn she is willing to spend a blood point.