Hibakusha - Hantu

by Jenny L. Parr

The Hibakusha Hantu were one of the first Hibakusha clans to declare war on those they had inherited their powers from - the Toreador. The Toreador were everything the Hantu despised - lazy, arrogant, decadent vain and boastful. The occupation of Malaysia and Borneo by the Europeans was the worst thing that could have happened to them. The sudden influx of British, French and Portuguese Kindred, mainly Toreadors, was a great blow to the Hantu and many died the Final Death or were diablerised by the Europeans while fighting to reclaim their dinners. When the Europeans were finally kicked out in 1957 and Malaysia was officially made a Muslim country (no drugs, no alcohol) it was a great victory in a hard fought war for the Hantu.

The perfect blend of fighting spirit and grace is what the Hantu seek to obtain. These Warrior-Entertainers have honed their skills of dance, acrobatics and fighting to such a degree that often their mortal enemies the Toreador become entranced by their beauty and grace at high levels of the dance.

At level 3 Dance they can roll to see if they can use their skills to entrance any watching Toreadors. Roll DEX + ACRO + MELEE/BRAWL/MART ARTS - Toreador's SELF CONTROL difficulty Toreador's WILLPOWER.

It has been suggested that the Hantu developed this fighting style to play upon the Toreadors' weakness. However the behaviour of the Toreadors is also influenced by the Hantu's weakness. The Hantu's susceptibility for drugs and alcohol so prized by the Toreador make it far more difficult for the Hantu to infiltrate them secretly.

The Hantu were the major supporters of the Kyuketsuki in their bid to unite the clans against the Camarilla and Sabbat but without success. After the rejection of the plan by both Kasa and Ju (who still hold the most power in Asia, the Hantu are considering a partnership between themselves, the Onyudu and the Kyuketsuki in order to force the Westerners out of their territory. The Kuei have voted to take the fight to the shores of America and Europe which the Hantu are very wary of. They believe that the Westerners would be no trouble if forced back to their own homelands.




Nickname: Dancers.

Origins: Malasia.

Appearance: Although originally from Malasia the Hantu now have many European and African kindred. They often have bizarre hair styles and tattoos

Haven: As they often use their talents as part of acrobatic shows they often live in R.V.s or converted circus wagons.

Clan Disciplines: Celerity, Animality, The Dance.

Weaknesses: The Hantu are extremely suseptable to alcohol in the blood. Roll every time they hunt.On a 1-4 their victim has been drinking and the Hantu suffers the effects of alcohol.

Backgrounds: The Hantu are most often of entertainer concept with Physical stats and Skills primary. They need at least two dots in Athletics and Dodge.

The Dance.

[1] Fury of Vengance: By rolling Stamina vs 7 the Hantu cancels out wound penaltys of up to (success) levels for (Wits) rounds.

[2] The Shadows Coil: By dodging and weaving the Hantu may cancel out any attacks made on him by any one opponant as long as he does no other actions.

[3] The Woven Mist: By a series of confusing dodging and taunting the Hantu can reduce the dice pool of her opponant by one for every success on a Manipulation + Athletics vs opponants Wits +3.

[4] Transfix: By hypnotic song and gesture the Hantu is able to plant subconcious thoughts into the mind of their subject (this takes about 5 minutes) on a successful Manipulation + Subterfuge vs Wits +3.

[5] Storm Of Blades: By spending 3 willpower points and rolling Dexterity + Athletics vs 7 the Hantu can increase her number of melee or brawl attacks by the number of sucesses. She then must rest for two turns or take two points of aggravated damage from fatigue.

[6] The Whirling Death: By spending 2 blood points the Hantu becomes a fighting machine. All HTH attacks are incresed by the number of successes on a Dexterity + Athletics roll vs 7 , Strength increses by 2, Dexterity increases by 2, Stamina increases by 2 and no wound penaltys apply until the combat is over. The penalty for this is two aggravated health levels lost due to fatigue.