Hibakusha - Drukpa

by Jenny L. Parr (19 May 94)

Of all the Hibakusha clans the clan Drukpa was the one to suffer most at the hands of the clan they took their powers from. Their founder was an old priest of the ancient Bhutanese worship of the divine madman. A Child of Set decided to impersonate this legendary figure of Bhutanese Buddhist mythology in the hope of tricking the local people into serving him. Unknown to him, the leader of the local temple, Harai, was a vampire himself - a Hibakusha who became enraged at the sight of his followers prostrating themselves in front of this false madman from the west. In a fury Harai threw himself upon the stranger and slew him, draining all his blood and devouring his spirit. So overwhelmed was Harai by the potent blood of the Child of Set that he fell into a frenzy. When he finally awoke from the red haze he was surrounded by his beloved followers and covered from head to foot in their blood.

Rejected by his people, Harai travelled to Gaza Dzong on the summit of a small mountain to the north of the region. Here he built a shrine and was sustained by the blood of animals that were drawn to him. He spent all his time meditating, hoping to find a way of absolving his guilt and avenging himself on the stranger's clan. It was at this time he received a vision of a dragon hovering over a pit of snakes. The dragon raised it's head and gave a loud cry, then a flock of dragons came flying from the east to help destroy the snakes. Through this vision and many like it the discipline of Druk Gyalpo was developed. Harai received a chance to use it much earlier than he would have liked. A small group of novice monks had travelled to the shrine to seek his help. The Children of Set had destroyed several monasteries and temples in revenge for the death of their clansman. Saddened, but not surprised, at the news Harai embraced the noviciates and began to teach them the secrets of Druk Gyalpo in order that they should seek out the Followers of Set and destroy them.

Today the Drukpa are still recruited from the ranks of noviciates in the Buddhist monasteries of Bhutan and Tibet. As a result of this selection procedure there are few female Drukpa, but those that have been embraced were Buddhist nuns in their life. All Drukpa believe that it is their duty to seek out and destroy the Followers of Set wherever they are, and to this aim they have even travelled to Europe and America to root out evil there as well.




Nickname: Dragonlords

Origins: Bhutan

Appearance: The Drukpa are all of Tibetan appearance with very short hair (if any). Most are male.

Haven: As they can be claustrophobic the Drukpa like to have flats on the 2nd floor upwards so they have escape routes in emergencies.

Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Presence, Druk Gyalpo.

Weaknesses: The Drukpa can have a maximum of three dots in conscience due to their devout belief that they are being punished for the crime of their founder.

Backgrounds: All Drukpas were priests so social attributes and knowledges are primary. They need at least three dots in theology.

Druk Gyalpo

[1] Dragon Scales: By rolling Stamina + occult the Drukpas skin becomes as hard as dragon scales with the No. of successes added to stamina for one hour. Fortitude does not affect this power.

[2] Dragon Flight: The Drukpa is capable of flying at 50mph for 10 minutes by spending a blood point. The flying does not have to be continuous.

[3] Dragon Fire: The Drukpa can breathe fire, 1 die of damage per blood point spent roll dexterity + occult vs 7 to hit. This fire causes aggravated damage to vampires but not to Lupines.

[4] Dragon Form: The Drukpa can transform into a dragon (with the abilities of flight, scales, and fire also causing aggravated damage from claws and teeth).

[5] Dragon Thunder: With an ear splitting scream the Drukpa does strength + singing vs stamina +3 aggravated wounds to the ears of anyone within 30 metres except the deaf or other Drukpa. The victims are deaf for 1 hour per success.

[6] Dragon Caller: A dragon can be called from the spirit world by the expenditure of a willpower point and last for a day or until dispelled or 'killed'. The Drukpa must roll intelligence + occult vs 5 for all the dragon's attributes, alertness, dodge, and brawl (minimum of 1 for all and a minimum of 3 for dodge).

[7] Dragon Summoner: The Drukpa can summon several dragons (up to 1 die) for 1 willpower point each. They must all be rolled up (as above) separately.