Fallen Angels

by James Park (1 Dec 99)

History: Vampirism is in essence not a blessing from hell, it is rather a curse from heaven. Given to only those who's presence defile heaven itself, Vampirism consists of four parts, one from each branch of heaven. Those most heinous offenders are first given the Curse of Michael, General of Heaven: My eternal flame shall always seek thee out to destroy thee. Secondly: the curse of Raphael, Archangel of the Dawn: My eternal sun shall be as fire to thine flesh. Third, the curse of Uriel, Archangel of Death: Thou and thine children shall live forever and ever, drinking only blood and eating only ashes (knowing only sadness). Finally, the blessing of Gabriel, Archangel of Mercy: thou shalt have the chance for redemption, and you shall call this road, GOLCONDA.

This great burden was first bestowed on Caine, the first murderer, and was called .The Mark.. In modern times, the curse is bestowed on those Angels who fall out of Heaven.s favor. It is given as a test to some, and as a final curse to others. The Angels who have fallen out of heaven.s favor are put on Earth as Vampires to prove there virtue as heavenly guardians. Most Fallen Angels however hate what they have become, and almost always have a weakness to show it (see below). Because of this, most never are able to cast off the curse and live forever in a pathetic state of self pity and denial.

Earthly: Manic Depressive
Heavenly: .Drop-Outs. .The Fallen.
Hellish: .Prospects.

Appearance: Most Fallen Angels are still very beautiful, despite what they may think. Generally, they should have and Appearance of at least four, often five and sometimes six. Storytellers are advised to raise the Angels appearance to a high number.

Haven: Fallen Angels, tending to cling to there old ways, haven in places of religious significance. Old abandoned Churches, graveyards, historic libraries, and in rare instances monasteries. The older and more wise tend to nest near places where they can keep a watchful eye on the activities of heaven and hell.

Backgrounds: Players and storytellers should keep in mind that the Angels have lived for hundreds of years, sometimes thousands. Players should develop elaborate pasts for there characters. Players should know who there character was before they became an angel, how long have they been an angel, and why they were expelled from heaven? Were they an important figure in heaven, was there expulsion just or unjust? Do they seek redemption or revenge?
Fallen Angels are in effect first generation vampires, as they are not descended from Caine. However, they still have a maximum trait rating of five. Storytellers may raise this maximum if they wish the Angel to have been an important figure in heaven or if they wish them to be a powerful force in there chronicle.
Suggested Backgrounds: Age Secrets Enemy Mentor
Forbidden Backgrounds: Status Clan Prestige Generation

Character creation: Fallen Angels are usually of the Child or Caregiver concepts, but any concept is appropriate. The Fallen should have very different Natures and Demeanors. This helps there character clash with themselves in there search for redemption.

Clan disciplines: Fallen Angels do not have any Clan Disciplines, and should be considered Caitiff for the purpose of purchasing disciplines. If the storyteller includes True Angels in a chronicle, they may decide to allow Fallen Angels to have been from a particular Army.

Weaknesses: Fallen Angels hate what they are, and what they have become. As a result, they must choose a derangement that reflects this. Suggested derangements include: Manic Depression, Obsessive Compulsion (MUST do good), Denial, Insecurity, Self Hatred: Appearance (always brakes mirrors, always where a mask), Self Hatred: Skill (.i cant do ANYTHING right!.), Self Hatred: Other Vampires, or Revenge Crazed (MUST do evil).

Organization: Fallen Angels have no organization and if confronted by another vampire, would probably shun them.

Gaining clan prestige: Because Fallen Angels hate themselves, they hate each other. It is impossible for them to gain Prestige.


Other Fallen Angels:

Quote: "I must be so ugly.......DON'T LOOK AT ME!!"