by Mark Kinney

		Children of the Night
	So close to the Beast, yet still so Human
		Though they know it not.

		But the Calling arises
		In their dreams
		In their senses
		In their lives
	Every waking moment calls them to duty.

		The Calling is strong
		And the goal is Eternal:

		The Final Death of the Beast
		That Begat them.

Dearest son,

Now that you are of age, you can finally know what you are and why I was forced to leave you so long ago. I write this hoping that I will return, and yet I know I won't, and thus hope that your uncle will take care of you, and that he has been able to deal with the feelings I know will have been racking your soul.

I met your father nearly twenty years ago at an arts festival. I was young and impressionable, and his very presence just seemed to reach out and grab me. We stayed up until almost dawn discussing our interests in what we had seen, and although he was in a rush to leave, we did exchange phone numbers and I was able to get back together with him. After I had been seeing him for several months, I realized I was with child -- you, my son. It was when I went to tell him that I found out his secret.

I hesitate to tell you this, for I fear you will not believe me, but not only is it true, it is imperative that you know. I walked in on him and another...victim, I suppose is the proper word. He looked up at me, the blood still on his chin.

I couldn't think. I just ran. He came after me, and I was only able to get away thanks to a policeman who happened by then. He had to deal with the cop, and that gave me time, for otherwise he would surely have run me down, and who knows what would have happened after that.

Your uncle, my brother Algernon, was the only one who believed my story. He has always dabbled in such things, and helped me to learn what I know about all this through some contacts in what he simply called "The Order", and now I pass it on to you.

You are a dhampir; the offspring of a mortal woman and a vampire father. Most of the Order's research claimed that vampires cannot procreate biologically, but enchantments do exist, whether spells or potions of some sort, that allow the vampire to temporarily become human. It is rare, but occasionally a child can result from a rendezvous during that time. Nature, however, does not ignore the fact that he is still a vampire.

As such, you are able to use their abilities; Algernon says your father was probably of a group of vampires known as the Toreador, and typical of their abilities is quick movement, enhanced senses, and unnatural charisma such as what attracted me to him. Also, if I have not finished the job, you will know your father instinctively if you meet him, as you will know other of the undead if you develop that ability.

All of this is not without a price. These abilities are mostly powered by the blood consumed by the vampire, and it is also so with the dhampir. There are some documented cases where the dhampir was able to use sheer force of will to activate the abilities, but they are rare. I hope that you have not tasted anothers blood; you should have no reason to, but Algernon has showed me that coincidence is nothing to be taken lightly. If so, you will develop a hunger for blood, becoming more like your father in that regard.

You will also notice the dreams you are beginning to have, featuring probably a thin, red-haired man. This man is your father, and not only will your dreams bring you closer to him, you will find yourself drawn to find him. The Order doesn't know why, but apparently it is nature's way of revenge against the dead's rape of the living: in every case on record, the dhampir have risen up to destroy their fathers.

That is why I have left: to spare you that torment, for I am going to try to destroy him myself. If I live and have destroyed him, there will be no need for this letter; if you read it, you know that I have failed. If you do go on a hunt of your own, listen to what Algernon tells you; apparently there are those that will help you, but your nature may make you a target yourself. Also, keep in mind that where one vampire is found, you can usually count on there being more.

Farewell, and always remember I loved you.

Eliza Donnely

Dhampir are the mortal children of a vampire male and a mortal female. A vampire, using various means, can become human temporarily, making this possible.

Dhampir are as mortal as any human, but posess several special abilities. They can develop physical disciplines much the same way ghouls can, plus they can develop their father's clan disciplines, but no others. These abilities must still be powered by blood if such is called for; a dhampir can drink to a blood pool equivalent to that of their father's. This need not be vampire blood. After tasting blood for the first time, a dhampir must make a willpower check to keep from drinking when the opportunity p resents itself. Willpower can be substituted for blood if the dhampir passes a Humanity or Path check. This blood has no effect on their health level, and the willpower check described above is the closest they come to Frenzy because of lack of blood.

Dhampir not are effected by sunlight and fire. They do not suffer Rotschrek. Except for these exceptions, check for frenzy normally.

Dhampir also have the ability to Detect Kindred. When in a situation that the power would apply, the Storyteller should roll (actually, check often to make them paranoid) with the following results at difficulties of six.

	Botch	General bad feeling, no matter what the situation is. 
	*	Father or higher pinpointed exactly.  Otherwise, the dhampir
		has a general feeling there is something wrong if there are
		Kindred around.
	**	A general feeling that something is wrong if there are
		Kindred in the area.
	***	The closest Kindred in the area is pinpointed.
	****	Multiple kindred in the area are pinpointed exactly.  The
		dhampir can tell whose heart beats and whose doesn't.
	*****	Ghouls, revenants, and other dhampir are detected.

This ability starts at one automatically, and is increased with freebie points and experience as a clan discipline.

Also, against their father and his sire, up to but not including the Antediluvian, a dhampir gains +1 to all physical abilities and skills, but not disciplines. This facilitates their goal given by nature: the death of their fathers. Through dreams, coincidence, whatever, that goal is continually brought to their attention. Some have gone insane in the process, and others have become renowned hunters.

The most common clans dhampir come from are Gangrel, Ravnos, Toreador, and Tzimisce. There are almost no Assamite dhampir, and any Tremere found to have fathered one is immediately put to the flame, and the child hunted down before it presents a threat. No Nosferatu or Samedi dhampir are known to exist.

Dhampir blood is considered normal blood, and dhampir become normal Kindred if embraced. Dhampir cannot gain "generation" through diablerie, nor can generation be gained from them. Dhampir gain no additional powers except longevity by being ghouled.


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