Dakini Clan Weapon: Blood Scarf

by Sir William Amber Robert Chamberlaine III (12 Nov 94)

During the Ventrue takeover of India, the Drakini along with their mage allies made a weapon out of the traditional weapon of the thagna cult (otherwise known as "thugs"), the scarf. This special weapon which was designed for vampires was named "Kuhngulubhud" or "Blood Scarf". It allowed its possesor to actually attempt to strangle the life-force of a victim. Also, it trapped and quieted utterly the voice of the victim as the victim dies.

System: To hit roll is melee + dexterity with a difficulty of 8. Then, the vicitm makes a stamina + fortitude difficulty 8. If she succeeds with two successes, then she is fine that round. If she fails, temporarily lessen their stamina by two. If a botch occurs, then lessen the stamina by three. Every two rounds, the attacker must roll melee + strength diffuculty 7 with two successes to maintain her strangle-hold. Physical disciplines such as protean, potence, and celerity do not work while scarf is choaking the victim because it strengles their life force to the point where they cannot muster the effort. Recovery of stamina works as this. If the vicitim still has one or more points of stamina left then he recovers at a rate of one point per minute. If the victim possess no stamina, then they recover one point an hour until it is half their normal stamina ( and regain consciousnes) when it switches to a rate of one point per minute. The making of this weapon requires three ingredients in a ceremony. The first is a red silk scarf of the finest quality. Next, is needed a small amounts of diamonds which are crushed into dust, mixed in the blood of a Dakini, and then sprinkled over the scarf. The third ingredient is a Dakini in The Glory of Kali form, in which she mixes and sprinkles the blood/diamond dust over the scarf in a complex ritual known to the elders of the clan.

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Sir William Amber Robert Chamberlaine III