by Randy D'Amore

Once, there where the White Howlers. A strong, pure tribe of noble Garou. Clean and pure, they fought the Wyrm. But the Wyrm won. In the Wyrm's infinite corruption, the White Howlers became the Black Spiral Dancers. Powerful, deadly, and insanely loyal to their master.

But the Wyrm was not satisfied with the disgusting beasts he had created. So, on thoughts that they believed their own, a pack of the Black Spiral Dancers left their Tribe. Never to be seen again.

The pack traveled across the face of Europe, arriving deep in the in the land that would be France in years to come. In this realm, they hunted. Seeking power.

When they came across it, it was in the form of a vampire. Caitiff, and a Diabolist as well. The pack was quick and strong, capturing the vampire and imprisoning him. The vampire, a weak willed fool, pleaded for his unlife. It was agreed that if he would Embrace the entire pack, then he would be allowed to survive. Of course, the Black Spiral Dancers killed him. After the Embrace of course.

These abominations roamed the land for many centuries, becoming powerful and tainted beyond belief. They had also created a small following.

Selecting and kidnapping young Black Spiral Dancers, of metis birth, the Pack had created a strong following of Abominations. These Metis, having never known any better, all believed themselves to be serving the purpose of the Wyrm. Which they where. Their numbers where small, but powerful.

When the Inquisition raged across Europe, the Pack, having taken on the name of the Ankou, fled to Russia. Moving deep into the dark land.

What happened to them in that land is unknown, even to them. But when they emerged after the Inquisition, thier numbers had swelled dramatically. The original members of the pack, the founders of the Ankou, looked upon their Dark Tribe. Seeing that the powers of vampirism need be learned, they sought out the Sabbat.

The Sabbat, seeing the immense power this group held, quickly took them in as one of the Sabbat Clans.

The Ankou have been among the Sabbat for some time now. Hundreds of years actually. In this time they have learned complete mastery over their Vampiric abilities. Making them a very powerful group.

The Ankou decided that a city was needed, and planned an attack on London. The Veil and the Masquerade would be shattered, the hideous clan would run through the streets, massacring the kine and kindred alike. In this, they would be able to break thier ties to the Sabbat, and serve the Wyrm more fully.

The force that the Ankou did not expect, was the resistance of Garou. Both the Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers learned of thier plan, and went about stopping it. The Ankou where attacked en masse outside of London, far from where any kine eyes could witness the battle. At the end of the battle, hundreds of Garou littered the burnt ground, their dead bodies reeking of Wyrm taint. The Ankou had destroyed nearly 200 of Europeans Garou. The Ankou themselves however, had also suffered greatly. With no where near enough survivors left to conquer london, they returned to the Sabbat.

Within a few years, the Sabbat had carefully manipulated the Ankou, taking complete control of the Dark Tribe, and regulating their use carefully.

Now that the Sabbat has control of them, they are used in only dire situations. Used to kill and to kill again, the Ankou have all been warped even further than before.

The Ankou now sit and wait, hoping for a time when they will be powerful enough to take London. Although New Orleans has also fallen under their dreaded attentions.

Many Ankou have taken to studying the forbidden arts. Satanism are demon worship are important among the Ankou Theurges, although this secret is kept carefully hidden.

Nickname: Pit Bulls.

Appearence: Some Ankou are attractive, but this is a rarity. Most are hideously ugly, with an average appearence of 1. Black mangy hair, and yellow-red eyes are common. In all forms. Their human forms are hairy and muscular. Crinos forms being huge (10'-11') and powerful. Wolf forms tend to look like dire wolves, only black and putrid.

Haven: Ankou are watched carefully by the packs they travel with, and are kept in the communal haven.

Background: All are stolen metis from other Garou tribes, while once exclusivley of Black Spiral Dancer stock, Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers are also a favorite to work the Change on.

Character creation: Physical are primary, with mental and social tying in close behind. Talents are primary, followed by skills and knowledges.

Disciplines: Potence, Fortitude, (Dark) Thaumaturgy.

Weakness: All Ankou have at least two derangements. They also have no starting point in appearance.

Organization: The Ankou are kept on a tight leash by the Sabbat. It is allowed that only one Ankou may travel with a pack at any time, and then only with Nomadic Packs. Of course, this is a bit ignored during crusades.

The Ankou also have a secret connection link of Theurges and Philodoxes. Those that know of this link, are all infernalists and powerful. Player characters should not be able to know about this link yet. Having to find it for themselves.

Preferred paths: Most Ankou either follow the path of Death and the Soul, or are Infernalists pretending to be on the Path of Death and the Soul.

Starting willpower: 3

Starting backgrounds: 1. No Resources, Past Life, Fetish, Contacts, or Retainers.

Common Wyrm Totems: Totems of power and cunning are highly respected.