You may look at another list of bloodlines on B.J. Zanzibar's site, which includes all the following ones.

Rework of White Wolf's clans or bloodlines
Assamite by Bryan Rendell - history of the clan and rework of the disciplines.
Baali by Casca - re-designing the bloodline, with more depth.
Baali by Andrew Cram - developping the clan, in a sort of clanbook.
Baali by John Goodrich - history and descriptions, in a sort of clanbook.
Setite by Bryan Rendell - with a rework of Serpentis (Vitiatus)
True Brujah by Sean O'Connell - elementalists.
Alexandrians by Robert Mayberry - oriental philosophers.
Ankou by Randy D'Amore - Wyrm corrupted abominations.
Apophisim by Killjoy LePal - Deceptive servants of the Setites.
Arkady by Bonnici Chris - the Bookworms.
Avengers of Diedne by Dark Whispers - twisted offshot of the Salubri.
Bathory by Mark Kinney - the Sponges.
Beast Riders by Michael Blank.
Caantalsay by Brian Burke - playing with time.
Children of Lillith by Mister S.
Coelacanth by Larry J. Langley - the Deep Ones.
Daedalean by Timothy Toner - flying kindred.
Dakini by Stacey Lawless - an indian bloodline.
DaVinci by Gary Greenhill - artists of the Machine.
Detrius by Randy D'Amore - mage hunters.
Endendara by Joel Sax - analog of Gangrel, with trees.
Flammae Ignis by Frank Torkel - Kindred who have attained immunity to fire at the cost of their souls.
Fallen Angels by Andrew Cram and Coutenay Trinder.
Fallen Angels by James Park
Furies by Daniel Maloy.
Gaerini by Sean O'Connell - another clan of aquatic vampires.
Hellene by Arthur Reilly - athletes.
Helsdottir by Ben Buckner.
Hetaerae by Deird'Re Brooks.
Hibakusha by Jenny L. Parr - Oriental Clans, eight bloodlines described (Drukpa, Hantu, Ju, Kasa, Kuei, Kyuket, Onyudu, Sanatan)
Hollywood by Peter Wake - some humor.
Huitzilopochtli by Alejandro Melchor Lombardo.
Inheritors (Children of Caine) by Timothy Toner - some special Malkavians.
Iscariots by Stacey Lawless - The progeny of Judas Iscariot
La Sangaroj by Brian D. Albee - for the Bloodshadows LARP
Lamiae by Allen B. Ruch - muse and succubus.
Lothlorian (Lost Boys) by Jack Dracula - another clan of flying kindred.
Lycaon by Robert Kirpatrick - cannibals playing with time and space.
Machomenoi by Timothy Toner - greek warriors.
Mekara by Mithrandir - masters of the Machine.
Notrum by Mark Kinney - you don't like blood... replace with salt.
Order of the Wyrm by Gary Greenhill - masters of the four elements.
Razor Children by Spider.
Shreh Ren by Kwei-Cee Chu.
Shutendoji by Rasmus Hansson - the Japanese vampire.
Skinwalkers by Robert Kelly - shapeshifting bodythieves with Gnosis.
Tarantalus by Simon Giles.
Templar by Mithrandir. (50k file)
Tuillaign by Brian James Garnhart - the one with the Muse - incomplete.
Turing by Stephen Ironside - vampires linked to the Digital Web
Wissengeist by Allen B. Ruch - humanitarian, philosophical undead.
Wolvens by Everitt P. Long.
Brothers Grunt by Abe Dashiell - based on The Brother's Grunt
Dhampir by Mark Kinney - what happens when a vampire and a human breed.
Gargouille by Abe Dashiell - The reason behind those rumors of egg-laying gargoyles.
Naga by Andrew Cram - a Setite Ghoul family.