2001 announcements

Info received on 30 Nov 2001, from Ophelia <opheliafloralia@aol.com>

Looking for a VtM game in the Maryland area, preferably northern maryland since I'm in carroll county. E-mail me @ opheliafloralia@aol.com

Info received on 18 Nov 2001, from Steve <storyteller@screenwritersworkshop.com>

Chicago was once a haven for vampires in the Midwest, a Camelot for Kindred run by a Prince with an even hand. But, now a shadow creeps along the city's borders--and some fear within--that could spell the end of the bright days in Chicago's World of Darkness.

Chicago by Night is a Vampire: the Masquerade PBEM game, open to players of all skill levels with an interest in character development and good writing. We try to avoid excessive dice rolls, but will roll if needed.

Characters: We are currently accepting character submissions for all Camarilla clans, and any of the published independent clans--check the characters page for further details. No Sabbat characters are allowed at this point. Characters will be built on the standard Neonate guidelines, unless extra points are approved by the storyteller.

Posting Frequency: Once per week, though quality writing is encouraged over quantity.

Contact the Storyteller or visit the website for more information!

Info received on 15 Oct 2001, from JIM WRIGHT <jwright@mc2k.com>

please email me i may want to play in the jeff city mo. area jwright@mc2k.com thanks hwy69 ub6ib9

Info received on 11 Oct 2001, from joy <Joyboy@flairmail.com>

I would like some one who can do VtM cause
i dont know where to start dont be scared to e-mail me joyboy@flairmail.com

Info received on 10 Oct 2001, from Joseph Predovic <Keliko@shawmail.com>

Live IN edmonton Alberta lokking for some one to play vampire to play with if intrested email me

Info received on 30 Sep 2001, from dead ed <deaded-72@yahoo.com>

I am looking for LARPers, or table top in the Linn/Jefferson city, Missouri area. Moved to far away from last group.

Info received on 3 Aug 2001, from killing <bunnyjacq@yahoo.com>

hi, kindly please give me some information about this website. this is my first time visit in this web and i really don't know what's inside of this. is there anyone there who can tell me. I visit this web because im try to look for some books about witch craft is there anyone there can help me. thanks.

Info received on 2 Aug 2001, from Kosmic <kosmic_98@yahoo.com>

Hey all you LARPers in the Cullman, Al area drop me an e-mail if your interested in a game. I am starting one here very very soon

Info received on 31 Jul 2001, from dorian strack <phreak90@hotmail.com>

is there anywhere to game in the savannah area?...anyone with info please email me with dates and locations. thanks..

Info received on 29 Jul 2001, from Erick Wells <wells_nef@yahoo.com>

To any and all VtM players in the Springfield, MO area. You are most welcome to join our LARP group on Sunday nights on the Square starting at 8:00p.m.
P.S. eMail me with any questions.

Info received on 25 Jul 2001, from <yagaINC32@aol.com>

ne 1 in the omaha,NE metro area wanted 4 a vtm group playings on weekends and that kind of stuff.

Info received on 1 Jul 2001, from Amanda <PlayWithRazors@aol.com>

Hello, everyone! I am looking desperately for talented, creative RPers in the Central Texas area, specifically Waco, Bellmead, Hewitt, Robinson, etc. Nowhere more than 30 minutes from Waco, please. I have been in the scene for 2 years and am no newbie to V:tM, but I would love to get some people together to help me and a few friends who know nothing about the game out. Email me at PlayWithRazors@aol.com or Instant Message me under the same name, please!

Info received on 29 Apr 2001, from Marcus <darkalliance@vampirethemasquerade.com>

Brazilian LARP!



Info received on 20 Apr 2001, from Josh <Qtjosh@gurlmail.com>

I kinda want to make like a online vampire playing site were peeps can play online but i'm new to the game and i'm not very good at making sites. So if any veteran storytellers and computer geeks could help me out this could be pretty kewl. E-mail me at Qtjosh@gurlmail.com or Instant message me at Joshbevil24.

p.s. english only

Info received on 17 Mar 2001, from Jester <gothiquin@hotmail.com>

Is there anybody there?
I am looking for fellow vampires in Surrey, England
Especially, in or near Guildford!
I am new to Vampire the Masquerade; but would love to start a game locally & weekly!

Is anyone local interested?
Or please, can anyone help me with contact names!?

Cheers, Jester

Info received on 23 Jan 2001, from FalcoN <gid_falcon@lineone.net>

Hey, I'm a total newbie and I'm interested in VtM but I don't know where to start. Can someone help me? If you can please don't hesitate to email me : gid_falcon@lineone.net


Info received on 15 Jan 2001, from Kidd Copacetic <Kiddcopacetic@yahoo.com>

I'm inviting LARPers in the Milwaukee,Racine,Kenosha WI and outlying areas as well as north IL. such as Waukegan, Gurnee, Chicago to join a game in session call Streets of Darkness game most clan and character concepts wanted,

Adriann Savant Prince of Waukegan

Have a night have two they're short

Info received on 13 Jan 2001, from Dominues <cs_tu@swbell.net>

I wish to start a vampire the masquerade game for newbies to teach the game to and have a great time playing it in the Beaumont TX area. If any are interested please e-mail me at cs_tu@swbell.net. I hope to hear from you.


P.S. If any would like to speak with me I am on MIRC at channel Dominues.